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'Aai Kuthe Kay Karte' Episode Nov 20 Written Update: Deshmukh's Cut Ties With Aniruddha

Aai Kuthe Kay Karte’s November 20, 2020 episode written updates. Read how Aniruddha’s anger turned his family against him in this drama-filled episode

aai kuthe kay karte episode

In Aai Kuthe Kay Karte episode of Nov 20, Aniruddha seems to get into an argument with Sanjana as well as his family. The Diwali bad news doesn't seem to get better for Aniruddha and his blame game spree continues. Read to know the episode update.

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Aai Kuthe Kay Karte November 20 episode written update

In Aai Kuthe Kay Karte latest episode Aniruddha is seen shouting at Sanjana for losing the contract. He blames her and Mehta for the mess they created and says you are responsible for losing the contract. He asks her as to why did she not use the market research he prepared. He says if she would have presented the information he provided they would have gotten the contract. He says you’re not intelligent enough and that is exactly why we lost the contract. He also blames her for ruining his Diwali by giving him such tragic news on this auspicious occasion. Aniruddha walks out on her in anger while Sanjana sits there in tears because everything that Aniruddha says to her.

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After that Aniruddha goes back home and see’s that Arundhati has performed the Puja. He feels bad that in all of the 25 years it is the first time that the aarti wasn’t done by him and not even his mother waited for him. Isha see’s Aniruddha and calls out Baba. Kanchan tells Appa that she had already said Aniruddha will definitely come. Aniruddha tells everyone that he thought they would wait for him. If not others at least Kanchan would. Appa tells Aniruddha that leaving the house was his decision and that’s why they don’t expect him to be a part of the house events. Aniruddha tells everyone that he has bought gifts for everyone when Isha tells him that their mother has already gotten them new clothes when Aniruddha says she must have bought them with my money only as she has no other option. Yash gets mad at his father and tells everyone that her online classes have another new class joined now and she bought these clothes herself. Arundhati then gives Vimal her Diwali bonus and snacks and announces that she would take all the monetary responsibilities of the house from now on. Which puts Aniruddha in shock.

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Everyone then proceeds to see the Diwali fort and move out of the house, but Aniruddha sits inside watching everyone have fun and enjoy and sing. Kanchan walks up to Aniruddha to talk to him but Aniruddha lashes out at her for not waiting for him to perform the puja. Appa walks in and lashes out at Aniruddha in return but Kanchan calms him down. Kanchan asks Aniruddha to have dinner but Aniruddha still mad at them says, you’ve learned to live without me. I am already dead for Arundhati as she seems very happy alone and has sworn to show that I’ve never done anything for anyone. He asks Appa to put up a frame of his photo and hang a flower veil around it to announce his death in the family and walks out from there as well. Kanchan bursts into tears after which and Arundhati tries to comfort her.

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