Bigg Boss 13 | Written Updates For Weekend Ka Vaar | Housemates Are In For A Surprise

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Bigg Boss 13 is one of the most-watched and entertaining reality shows on Indian television; last night’s episode was full of drama - read ahead to know more

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Bigg Boss 13 is the most-watched Indian reality television show. The season has never had a dull moment since it began. In this Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan gave a much-needed dose to the housemates. The weekend was full of fights and drama. Read ahead to get the update on this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar episodes.

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Bigg Boss 13Weekend Ka Vaar for December 14 & 15


Saturday’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar began as Salman Khan made a smashing entry on the stage of Bigg Boss and greeted the audience. He said that he has learnt a lot from this show, and others have too. Salman informed the audience that a few ex Bigg Boss contestants and a family member of Rashami Desai had entered the house. However, the housemates were given the freeze and release task at the time, so that no one could talk to them. He showed the clip of what happened while they were inside the house.

The first one to enter was Bigg Boss 07 contestant, Kamya Punjabi. Kamya went and spoke to Shefali Jariwala about her game and how she manipulated Asim, Rashami, and others. She also spoke about how Shefali Jariwala very intelligently broke Asim and Siddharth’s friendship. Kamya told her that she isn’t a mastermind, but, has the capability of being one. Next, Kamya went to Arhaan and schooled him about talking about Rashami and her zero and balance on national television. She further added that, in fact, the audience knows Arhaan only because of Rashami. Then she went to Rashami and schooled her about fighting in the name of Siddharth first, and now Arhaan. Kamya asked her to play her game and not repeat mistakes. Kamya confronted Madhurima for calling Vishal Aditya Singh a Eunuch and said it was disappointing and sick. After Kamya left, Shefali Bagga tried to pacify Rashami. Arhaan and Rashami had a one on one talk with each other. He apologised to her for saying such things. Meanwhile, Madhurima had a break-down. Madhurima also apologised in front of the camera.

The housemates are asked to freeze again and Bigg Boss 11 contestant, Hiten Tejwani entered the house. He called Vishal Aditya Singh confused and said that Arti is seen as very clear. He also told him that the audience is confused about Vishal Singh’s love for either Mahira and Madhurima. Hiten told Shehnaaz that she, in fact, has the capability of entertaining more without Siddharth and Paras. He schooled Hindustani Bhau for acting cute in front of Salman like Shehnaaz. Hiten told Vikas Gupta that the real mastermind inside him is still not to be clearly seen yet. Later on, Rashami’s brother, Gaurav Desai, entered the house. He went and hugged Rashami, who then broke down. He advised her to play her game. Just like Kamya, he also told her that it was hurtful for him when Arhaan talked about her bank balance on national television. He asked her to go through her judgements and play well.

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Then, Salman Khan entered the house through Me-TV and indirectly taunts the housemates for sleeping all day. He settled down on a blanket and scolded them for sleeping most of the time. Salman schooled Bhau for the same and also told him how he slept when Shehnaaz came to call him. When Bhau denied sleeping, Salman asked the other housemates. Bhau gets irked but Salman Khan told him to bring his belongings and sleep the entire episode. Thereafter, he apologised for the same.

Salman pulled Vikas Gupta’s leg regarding whether he misses Shilpa Shinde to which he replied with a yes. Salman then asked the housemates about the people who entered the house. Salman asked Asim to be who he is and stop irritating people. He also added that Asim is playing well. Salman Khan confronted Bhau for demanding to see photographs of his family. He then asked Shefali Jariwala about her leadership qualities which seem to have been lost in the course of time. He asked her why she didn’t want to become the captain of the house. Shefali tried to give her point of view. Next Vishal Singh talked about how he was told about being confused about the game and his friendship with Mahira. Paras gave his point of view about the same. Salman told Vishal that he is acting fake inside the house. He also told Shehnaaz that she is also acting fake inside the house. She said that she was emotionally down during the footage task because of Shukla’s exit.

Salman advised Vishal Singh and Madhurima to work on their relationship. Next, he came onto Arhaan and Rashami’s topic. Arhaan told Salman whatever he said to Shefali Bagga about Rashami. Salman revealed that Rashami had rejected all the previous seasons of Bigg Boss but, this time she accepted only because of Arhaan. Rashami also agrees to this to some extent. By Salman’s words, it is pretty clear that Rashami was not a bankrupt person, as said by Arhaan. Just like others, Salman also advises Rashami to give a thought about her relationship with Arhaan. Salman Khan spoke to Siddharth through video call and informed him that he has been voted safe by his fans. He also pulled Siddharth’s legs and informed him that Shehnaaz misses him. Then, Salman Khan welcomed on stage, Sunil Grover in the character of Gutthi. Thereafter, Gutthi said some of her epic dialogues which left the audience including Salman, in splits. The best part was when Salman and Gutthi had a fake marriage and have a honeymoon too, on stage.

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After Gutthi’s exit, the caller of the week made a video call and asks Madhurima about her fight with Vishal. When she explained the same, the caller advised her to play the game. Salman announced about the black heart task, in which the housemates were asked to choose that one person who they think has a black heart amongst Vishal Singh and Asim. Asim got the tag of a black heart, thereafter. Vishal also got a gift hamper. Salman Khan announced that Siddharth Shukla is safe. He said that Madhurima was being evicted from the house, but, she is asked to stay till the next day. Salman announced that one more housemate will be evicted along with her the next day. The Saturday episode ended on a happy note.


Sunday’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar began as Salman Khan making an entry on the stage and greeted the audiences. He also showed a glimpse of whatever is happening inside the house. Vishal Singh and Madhurima hugged each other out and tried to clear their differences. Meanwhile, Rashami and Arhaan also had a discussion about whatever happened. Finally, Salman Khan entered the house through Me-TV and asked the housemates to begin the Galatfaimi task. The housemates start getting rid of each other’s ‘Galat Faimi’ by bursting their balloons. Most of them burst Bhau’s balloons as he denied sleeping all day which he actually does. Later, all the housemates were blindfolded as Gutthi entered the house and music played in the background. Most of the housemates mistake her for Katrina Kaif, by the music played. All of them were excited to meet Gutthi who started off with some amazing punch lines and jokes. They are also given some funny news from the outside in Gutthi’s style. Thereafter, all of them do ‘Gidda’ with Gutthi as she sang some songs in praise of the housemates. Gutthi also made Arhaan and Rashami dance to a romantic number. Gutthi then took the leave from the housemates.

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After some time, ex Bigg Boss contestants, Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma entered the stage. They shared their own point of views regarding the present season of Bigg Boss. Priyank called Asim the underdog and said that he is a good player, which Salman also agrees. Hina and Salman dance on the song of her new music video. Thereafter, Priyank and Hina entered the house and greeted the housemates. They conducted a task in which the housemates had to categorise people as ‘friend, ‘ khatra’ and ‘zero'. Rashami won the ‘Friend’ tag, Shehnaaz was the ‘khatra’, and Madhurima got the maximum ‘zero’ tags.

Salman talked about eliminations and he informed Madhurima that she isn’t eliminated and that it was a joke. In fact, the double eviction thing was also a joke. Salman announced that Shehnaaz has been evicted from the show. However, she did not agree to this and broke down. The other housemates tried to pacify her, saying that it might be a joke. But, all of them were shocked when the door opened. But, then it shut again, post which everyone thought it’s a joke. Salman got irked and said that she is, in fact, evicted from the house. Later on, he took a leave from the housemates and the audiences. The housemates got divided among each over Shehnaaz’s elimination. Later on, Salman informed the audience, as well as the housemates, that it is Hindustani Bhau who has been eliminated from the house. Bhau took leave from everyone and made an exit from the house.



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