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BTS’ RM Related Trivia Quiz To Test True Army's Knowledge About The Star On His Birthday

Here is a trivia quiz related to BTS’ RM for the fans of the band. Test your true knowledge about BTS leader, answering questions from debut days to now.

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Global juggernauts BTS are making it big in the international music scene by the day. Today, they ringed in leader Kim Namjoon aka RM’s birthday and their international fans showered the leader with wishes. Since it is his birthday, here is a trivia quiz that can help you determine if you are a true stan of Namjoon or RM. The trivia quiz has several questions from debut days until now which will test the true Army-BTS Fandom. Check it out-

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1. How did Kim Namjoon aka RM learn English?


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  • Taking classes
  • Watching The Office
  • Watching FRIENDS
  • At school

2. With whom was Kim Namjoon first international solo collaboration?


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  • Wale Change
  • Mandy Ventrice
  • Lil Nas
  • Steve Aoki

3. Which out of the following book has BTS’RM not recommended to fans?


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  • Jojo Moyes’s “Me Before You”
  • The Silent Patient
  • Haruki Murakami
  • Herman Hesse’s “Demian”

4. What out of the following animals does Namjoon love the most?


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  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Insects
  • Snake

5. What was one of the first incidents of Namjoon breaking things, what item did he break on camera?


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  • Table
  • Chair
  • Mic
  • Glasses

6. What is Kim Namjoon’s IQ level?


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  • 122
  • 159
  • 148
  • 140

7. Who is one member of BTS with whom Namjoon is ‘Dongaab’ (same age people are friends)?


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  • V
  • Jimin
  • Hoseok
  • Jin

8. What was Namjoon’s debut hair-do like?


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  • Mohawk
  • Blonde
  • Dreadlocks
  • Plain Black

9. Which member joined BTS only after looking at Namjoon’s rap skills?


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  • V
  • Jimin
  • Hoseok
  • Jungkook

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10. RM, the stage name of BTS leader, had a full form in the early years of the group’s career, what was it?


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  • Rap man
  • Rap men
  • Rap mon
  • Rap moon

11. What hair colour did BTS’ RM don during the Blood Sweat and Tears era?


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  • Black
  • Blue
  • Blonde
  • Orange

12. What province of South Korea is BTS’ RM from?


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  • Chungcheong
  • Gangwon
  • Gyeonggi
  • North Gyeongsang

13. What is Kim Namjoon currently studying?


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  • Mass Media
  • Cyber Uni
  • Communications
  • Arts

14. What was BTS RM’s TOEIC that is Test of English for International Communication score?


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  • 900
  • 999
  • 800
  • 800

15. What is the one thing he lost while filming a show and had to be sent back to South Korea?


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  • Phone
  • Passport
  • Suitcase
  • Ear pods

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Here are all the trivia quiz answers- 

  1. Kim Namjoon aka RM studied English after watch popular American sitcom FRIENDS. He watched the episodes over and over again until he was able to understand without subtitles as per his interview on Ellen.
  2. Mandy Ventrice and RM collaborated for his first-ever US track. The track that was created by them was titled Fantastic.
  3. RM has recommended several books to fans over the years, which has been his inspiration in writing songs. However, he has not recommended The Silent Patient.
  4. As per recent BTS In The Soop episode, Namjoon loves Bugs and insects, or anything that crawls. He also loves small, tiny crabs as per his BTS Episode video on YouTube.
  5. During the filming of American Hustle, BTS’ RM broke his brand new sunglasses. He had just bought it as a prop for a task in the show but ended up holding two pieces of the same. This is one of the first incidents of the rapper breaking things.
  6. Kim Namjoon’s IQ level is 148 as per a past interview.
  7. BTS’ RM is the same age to dancer and rapper Jung Hoseok. The two members are 1994 born and can share a ‘friendship relationship’ as per Korean traditions.
  8. Namjoon has dreadlocks before debuting and post-debut he donned a Mohawk hairstyle.
  9. Youngest member Jeon Jungkook joined the group after looking at Namjoon. He was impressed with RM’s rapping skills and declined multiple offers from other agencies and joined BigHit.
  10. RM’s initial full form was Rap Monster but later kept it as a no-full form abbreviation.
  11. RM donned a dark blonde, short hair-do throughout the Blood Swear and Tears.
  12. Rap Monster hails from Gyeonggi Province, Ilsan town, in South Korea.
  13. Along with other BTS members, Namjoon is pursuing a course in Global Cyber University.
  14. RM scored a whopping 900 out 1000 when he appeared for the English frequency test. He is fluent in English and helps the band interact during the interview with English reporters.  
  15. BTS’ RM lost his passport while filming Bon Voyage in Finland. He was sent back to Seoul, South Korea.

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