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'Ishq Mein Marjawan 2' Written Update November 20: Riddhima Meets Vihaan

Written update for the latest episode of 'Ishq Mein Marjawan 2'. Read on to know what happens when Riddhima tracks Vihaan while Kabir takes on Vansh's business.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 written update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 November 20 episode starts with Riddhima aiding to her injured feet and crying while thinking about Vansh. Kabir tries to help her but she pushes him away which lead to an argument between the two. He threatens her that he'll soon take over Vansh's business and later his room as well. As the episode progresses, Riddhima recalls the incidents and thinks to herself if she really saw Vansh or not and about how can somebody have the same face as him. Meanwhile, Aryan tries to take over Vansh's business when is stopped by Kabir. 

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 written update 

The Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 latest episode shows Riddhima thinking about Vansh and aiding to her injured feet post which Kabir enters her room. He tries helping her but she pushes him away which infuriates him and he says that soon he'll take over Vansh's business, his property, his house and finally his room. Riddhima refuses him to do so but Kabir doesn't pay any heed to her words and goes on saying that he'll do it, no matter what. Calming herself, Riddhima says that she couldn't let this happen and recalls the fact that she saw someone with the same face as Vansh. Meanwhile, Aryan is all set to acquire Vansh's business and says to himself that no one would stop him now and goes on to take Dadi's signature when he's stopped by Kabir. Aryan gets into an argument with Kabir and tells him not to interfere in the family business as he's only come into the house with Anupriya's help. Kabir loses his temper and hits Aryan with a stick and tells him not to misbehave like that. 

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Riddhima goes to the tea stall and asks about Vihaan and shows the tea seller a photograph of Vihaan as well. The teal seller says the man in the photograph saved him but he didn't have a beard. He takes money from Riddhima and tells her that he'll call her soon if he finds out something. After Riddhima leaves, Vihaan enters the scene and hits the tea seller's hand with a stick and tells him not to act smart. After that, he breaks his tea stall. Vihaan takes the phone number from the vendor and says that it's now time for her to reach out to him.

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As the episode progresses, Kabir throwing water on Aryan's face and Aryan asks Kabir to free him. Kabir threatens him and says that he knows all about his illegal doings and that he would expose him in front of his family if he doesn't involve him in the business. He further says that he's a policeman and capable of an encounter while he loads his gun. Aryan pleads him to not do this and agrees to make him a part of the family business. 

Aryan convinces Dadi to make Kabir a part of the business which shocks Riddhima. Ishani opposes to this as well and insults Kabir and Aryan as well. Riddhima starts worrying thinking about Kabir being a part of Vansh's business and goes on to meet Angre, Vansh's loyal person. Angre tries to hurt himself because he couldn't save Vansh and Riddhima saves him from doing so. Ishani and Riddhima get into an argument and Ishani asks Riddhima to help her make a plan to stop Kabir from taking over the business and save the family. Later, Vihaan waits for Riddhima and they both meet. Vihaan acts to hide his plan and Riddhima addresses him as Vansh once again. The end of the episode shows Kabir and Riddhima getting into an argument and Kabir saying that he will blackmail her for marriage. 

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