'Kasautii Zindagii Kay' February 14 Update | Prerna Says No To Getting Engaged

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'Kasautii Zindagii Kay' airs at 8 pm on Star Plus. Here is the written update for the February 14 episode. Know what is happening in Prerna and Anurag's lives.

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kasautii zindagii kay

In the February 14 episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, everybody came to the hospital to meet Prerna and Anurag. Anurag started having doubts about Viraj. Prerna refused to get engaged to Viraj. Komolika asked Ronit to kill the mechanic.

Everybody goes to the hospital

The Kasautii Zindagii Kay February 14 episode began with Viraj calling Anurag and asking him if he was fine. Anurag told him that Prerna was with him and they were at the hospital. Viraj told that he was coming there too. Anurag then called Shivani and told her everything. Veena and the Sharma family was also on their way to the hospital. Veena said that if Prerna was fine then she should get engaged to Viraj and that too in front of Anurag. Moloy and Anupam also heard about the accident and were on their way to the hospital. Later, even Nivedita and Mohini went to the hospital.

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Viraj tries to manipulate Anurag

In the hospital, Viraj hugged Anurag and said that he knew Prerna does not care for herself when Anurag is involved but Anurag should make her understand about the child. Anurag nodded to this. Viraj said he loved Prerna a lot and started crying. Anurag thought that Viraj was right. He would take Prerna to the engagement venue. The nurse came and informed that Prerna got her stitches and said she was asking for Anurag. Anurag thanked her and asked Viraj to accompany him since Prerna did not know Viraj was there.

Anurag overhears something

Just then Viraj got a call from Komolika and she told him she was reaching the hospital. She also asked him not to tell anything to Anurag and come out. Anurag saw Viraj going some other way and wondered where was the latter going. Viraj met Komolika outside and she threatened him saying that Viraj’s wife should not call her and trouble her. Saying this Komolika left. Anurag came there just then and was only able to see Komolika’s ring. But he overheard some men talking about Viraj’s new girlfriend. They discuss how this one was prettier than his old girlfriend. He asked them if they were talking about Viraj. But just then Viraj came and asked what was Anurag doing there. They left to meet Prerna.

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Viraj and Veena wanted the engagement

Anurag and Viraj went inside to meet Prerna. Viraj told Prerna that he was crying but Anurag found it strange for him to mention it. Viraj paid the hospital bills and the three left. Meanwhile, the Sharmas and the Basus reached the hospital. But the receptionist told them that Prerna had already left with Anurag. Moloy asked Anupam to call Anurag and ask how was Prerna. At home, Viraj looked on as Anurag took care of Prerna. The Basus and the Sharmas came back home. Veena said she was upset with Prerna. The latter said she knew and hugged her. Just then, Viraj got a call from his mother and asked if they can go to the engagement venue. Veena said yes. Prerna and Anurag looked at each other.

Prerna says no

Prerna spoke up suddenly that she could not carry on with the engagement. She said she hurt her hand and Viraj would not force her to wear the ring on the other hand. Viraj said yes he would not. Prerna thanked him. But Komolika got angry and left to call Ronit. She asked him to kill the mechanic since Shekhar had seen him and now Prerna refused to get engaged. But just then Prerna came there. The two had an argument. The episode ended here.

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