Kumkum Bhagya Written Update December 16 | Sanju Is About To Marry Prachi

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Here is the latest update about all the recent happenings on Kumkum Bhagya for December 16, 2019. Things take an interesting turn after yesterday's episode.

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Kumkum Bhagya is one of the longest-running shows on the Zee TV network. The popular show is on the air at 9 PM every night on weekdays. The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya was released on December 16, 2019. Here is a written update for the shows recent episode where a lot of interesting events take place.

Kumkum Bhagya written update for December 16, 2019

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The episode starts off with a goon getting suspicious of Prachi. He then commands her to move her leg. He sees the mobile and quickly disconnects the call. The goon then asks Prachi who she was talking to but she refuses to tell him. The goon then gets mad and slaps Prachi, which enrages Ranbir. Ranbir breaks his ropes and then proceed to beat up the goon. Ranbir then frees Prachi and they both start running. Meanwhile, Pragya tells Sarita behen that Ranbir told her that they were stuck in a godown and were surrounded by goons. This worries Sarita behen greatly.

Back at the godown, Ranbir and Prachi are surrounded by the goons but Ranbir beats them all up and then runs away with Prachi. He takes Prachi to a room and then locks the door. Prachi looks at her hand and starts crying. Ranbir then quickly ties up her hand with a handkerchief. Prachi says that she wants to see her mom and Ranbir tells her that everything will be fine and they will escape this place. Ranbir and Prachi then hug each other. At that moment Sanju and the goons come to the room and break down the locked door. 
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Sanju sees Ranbir hugging Prachi and gets furious. He punches Ranbir then pulls away Prachi. However, Ranbir stops him from taking her away. The goons then hold down Ranbir and Sanju starts hitting him. Ranbir still fights back which Prachi tries to stop the fighting but fails. Finally, the fight ends with Sanju hitting Ranbir on the head with a rod. Prachi is stunned when she sees Ranbir faint. 

Meanwhile, Pragya calls the police station and tells them where Prachi and Ranbir are being held. The police them say that they will leave immediately. Pragya then tells her driver to drop her near the location and adds that she will not let the person who kidnapped her daughter escape. 

In the godown, Sanju and Prachi are seated for marriage but before the Pandit can start the ceremony, Prachi calls out to Ranbir and he wakes up. He then proceeds to beat up the goons once more. However, the goons catch hold of Ranbir once again. Rhea then shows up and hits the goons, asking them to let Ranbir go. Sanju tells his goons to hold her as well and she too gets captured. 

Meanwhile, Vikram calls Abhi and finds out that Ranbir and Prachi have been kidnapped. Pragya and Sarita behen also reach the godown and get out of the car. Inside the godown, Rhea blames Prachi for Ranbir's injuries but he defends her, saying that if he had not taken the U-turn they would not have been captured. Rhea then asks Sanju to talk to her privately. He refuses, but Rhea does not relent and he finally agrees. The two then go off to the side to talk privately. 

Rhea then asks Sanju to leave Prachi as well as Ranbir. He refuses and she says that she will give him a lot of money. Sanju then says that he is not marrying Prachi for the money but because he loves her. He adds that if Rhea gets in the way he will shoot her. Sanju finally says that he will let Rhea and Ranbir go once he is married to Prachi.

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Meanwhile, Abhi is driving towards the godown recklessly as he wants to get there as soon as possible. However, he crashes into another car on the way and has to stop to apologie to them. But a girl gets down from the car and stands in front of them. Abhi asks her to move and tells her that he will pay for the damages later because he is in a hurry right now. The driver of the other car then says that he knows Abhi is a big businessman. He further adds that his hand is injured after the accident and it is now a police case. 

In the last scene, Rhea is further arguing with Sanju. She asks him if he thinks Prachi will marry her, to which he says that he mas money and everything else, so there is no reason that Prachi will not marry him. He further says that he will convince Prachi somehow. Rhea that angrily says that he has no chance to marry Prachi. Sanju then threats her by saying that it is up to her if she wants to eat the sweets of his marriage or the bullets of a gun. Rhea gets angry and tells him to threaten her. Sanju says that he is telling her this as he knows her and tells her not to plan anything against him. 

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