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'Kundali Bhagya' Written Update | Jan 12, 2021: Akshay Makes A Confession To Kritika

In Kundali Bhagya January 12 episode, Akshay confesses to Kritika that he was with a female friend in the room. He makes Preeta apologise to him for her action

Kundali Bhagya written update

In Kundali Bhagya January 12 episode, Preeta brings Kritika to the room where Akshay and Ruchika are talking about their relationship. Kritika asks Preeta what's wrong but Preeta says she will tell her in some time. Preeta goes enter the room but finds Akshay alone in the room. Karan follows Preeta and Kritika when he finds Preeta worried. Sherlyn and Ramona also follow Karan and enter the room where Akshay and everybody else is present.

Kritika asks Akshay where he hid the bottle from which he made the drink. She tells Preeta that Akshay had promised her he won't drink, but finding his drink is shocking. Akshay tells Kritika that he only has the glass and no bottle. Akshay asks Karan to save him and Karan asks Preeta why did she have to tell Kritika that Akshay was drinking. 


Kundali Bhagya written update January 12, 2021

Later, in Kundali Bhagya latest episode, Preeta asks everyone to keep quiet and enquires Akshay about the girl who was with him in the room. She tells everyone that Akshay was hugging that girl and they were quite close. Akshay tries to trick Kritika by changing the topic but she enquires about the girl. Akshay finally confesses that a girl had visited him and it was Ruchika, their college friend. Kritika gets happy when she receives a pair of earrings by Akshay, given to him by Ruchika.

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She tells Preeta that Ruchika was their college friend and must have surprised them by coming to their wedding. Akshay pretends to be hurt by Preeta's actions and leaves the room. Karan and Kritika follow him, to apologize for their actions. Sherlyn and Ramona taunt Preeta to be sure about things before exposing anyone and blaming things on them.

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Srishti searches for Preeta and tells her that she cannot unlock Akshay's phone. Preeta tells Srishti that she made a mistake in knowing Akshay and that he's a nice guy. Rakhi looks for Preeta in the house and finds her with Srishti, she takes her to the kitchen for some work. Srishti looks for Sameer and leaves the room. Ruchika comes out of the cupboard and goes downstairs with the help of curtains. She finds Srishti downstairs and hides behind a car. Ruchika is about to run away but finds Sameer getting off his car. She hides behind the car again when Sameer almost notices her. 

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Meanwhile, Karan apologies to Akshay on behalf of Preeta. Akshay tells Karan that whatever Preeta did was out of love and care for Kritika and he understands it. Karan tells Kritika that Akshay is a nice guy and he's happy his sister is getting married to him. Preeta goes to apologize to Akshay and he tells her that he's human too, and gets angry over some things. He taunts Preeta that he loves Kritika a lot and that's why did not break off their wedding. 

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