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'Kundali Bhagya' Written Update July 31, 2020: Wedding Rituals Begin

'Kundali Bhagya' written update July 31, 2020: In the latest episode of the popular TV show, The wedding rituals begin in today's episode.

Kundali Bhagya written update

In the previous episode, Karan is seen calling Sameer and telling him how the wedding arrangements should be. Sherlin, who was listened to their conversations, concludes that Karan is excited to marry Maira and that means he will not back out from the marriage. To see what happened next, read the below-written update of Kundali Bhagya 31st July 2020-

Kundali Bhagya Written Update - July 31

The episode started with Sherlin appreciating Mahira for her ability to have convinced Karan to go against Rishab. Mahira imagines herself as Karan’s wife and how Preeta’s heart would break seeing her by Karan’s side. Mahira sends away Sherlin as she wanted to get ready for wedding rituals.

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Rishab is upset about Karan’s hatred for Preeta and tells Rakhi that Karan did not understand anything he or Preeta say. Rishab says that Karan is not acting like himself so he will speak to him later about Preeta. Rishab tells Rakhi that even Preeta hates Karan so she would not get hurt by seeing him getting married. Rakhi tells Rishab that Preeta would never hate or misbehave like Karan does.

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The functions begin and Karan wonders why Preeta has not come yet. As soon as Preeta arrives, Karan holds her and starts dancing. Preeta gets irritated but Karan further misbehaves with her by clutching her arms and pulling her closer.

Shrishti takes Preeta inside and starts to look for any bruises but gets irritated when Preeta defends Karan. Preeta tells Shrishti that Karan’s brain is like a child’s and even though his body language was offensive, he was only dancing. Preeta tells Shrishti that Karan Luthra is not important in her life therefore she should not be stressed about him.

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Preeta also tells Shrishti that right now, Karan is irritated because things are not going according to him. Preeta further says that when the wedding will be over, everyone will move on and all of the memories will be left behind. Shrishti and Preeta go to attend the wedding rituals.

Masooma comes with an aarti thaal to welcome Karan Luthra. Karan stares at Preeta and asks Masooma where Mahira was as he is very eager to get married to her. Preeta gives a bright smile and Karan moves away.

Karan sits in the Mandap. Rakhi stops Rishab from leaving the hall. In the next scene, we see that Kareena takes Preeta inside. Sherlin sees that Kareena will scold Preeta and mistreat her. The episode ends on that note.

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