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Mahabharat Written Update April 23, 2020: Bheem Meets Hidimbi And Ghatotkach

'Mahabharat' has made a comeback on television. If you still have not watched the latest episode of Mahabharat, here is everything that happened.


B.R.Chopra's famous TV serial Mahabharat is now back on DD Bharti amid COVID-19 lockdown. The episode begins with Nakul and Sahdev breaking wooden logs. Yudhisthir advises them by saying one should only take what they need. If one will become too careless, nature’s resources will be exhausted. Nakul responds and asks Yudhisthir that why he is not allowing them to cut down their enemies. Meanwhile, Rishi Durvasa and his followers arrive in the forest to visit the Pandavas. Yudhisthir asks Nakul to control his anger, otherwise Rishi will think that they are unhappy to see him.

Mahabharat written update April 23, 2020

Yudhisthir, Nakul and Sahdev take blessings from Rishi and ask him to grace the hut by coming there. Rishi answers that Saga is not for decoration. Yudhisthir interrupts and asks Rishi to forgive him. Rishi says that if he were not Kunti’s son, he wouldn't have forgiven him. He further says that he went to Hastinapur, there Duryodhan served him well and later with folded hands, he urged him to visit the Pandavas and bless them. Hence, Durvasa came to the forest to bless them all.

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Yudhisthir says that it is their good fortune that Rishi and his followers came to meet him. Rishi says that they will have lunch after bathing and asks him to arrange food for him and his followers. Yudhisthir and his brothers get tensed on how they will make arrangements for lunch as Draupadi must have finished eating by now. Yudhisthir says that this is another trick of Duryodhan as he knows there will be no food left after Draupadi has eaten it.

Yudhisthir and his brothers head towards the hut and inform Panchali that Sage Durvasa is visiting for lunch with his five disciples. Draupadi gets tensed and finds only one grain of rice in her kitchen. She calls Krishna to help her out. Krishna visits the Pandavas' hut to meet them. He also asks Draupadi to give him some food. She says there is only one grain of rice left for him. Krishna says that is is more than enough and eats that grain of rice. Surprisingly, Rishi Durvasa and his disciples also feel that they are full without eating lunch and then none of them visits for lunch in Yudhisthir's hut.

On the other hand, Bheem while wandering in the forest sees a monkey who is blocking his way. He asks him to move his tail. The monkey tells him to take Ram’s name, but Bheem gets angry and tries to move his tail. Bheem fails to move his tail and asks him to show his real identity. He soon gets to know that the monkey is Hanuman in disguise. Hanuman blesses him and teaches him that he should respect age and frailty. He also teaches him that the truth is not only what the eyes see because the truth is bigger than everything.

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Meanwhile, a few people who were returning from Hastinapur are stopped by Ghatotkach who asks them to come along with him. He says that his mother is worshipping Goddess Shakti and hence they need a human sacrifice. Bheem sees this entire situation and asks Ghatotkach to take him instead. After seeing Bheem, Hidimbi gets surprised and introduces Bheem to Ghatotkotch. Bheem tells her not to sacrifice any human in the name of God and she asks for forgiveness from the Goddess.

On the other hand, in Indralok, Lord Indra advises Arjun to learn Gandharva Veda (dance and music) from Chitrasen. Arjun says that he came to Indralok to earn divine weapons, how can music and dance help a warrior. Lord Indra says that art is the most powerful weapon. His dancing and singing skills will also help him during his 13th year in anonymity. Arjun agrees to learn and also continues to obtain divine weapons.

Meanwhile, Apsara Urvashi falls in love with Arjun and informs Indra about her feelings towards Arjun. Lord Indra tells Urvashi to confess her love for him. Arjun tells her that crossing the limits of decency is impossible for him and hence he can’t accept her love. Arjun refers to Urvashi as a mother and she gets angry over this. Urvashi answers by saying that apsaras are neither wives nor mothers of any because they are representations of beauty. Arjun asks her to forgive him, but Urvashi curses him by saying that he will be impotent and the episode ends here.

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