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'Mahabharat' Written Update June 1: Duryodhan Learns Key To Winning The War

Mahabharat written update June 1: In the latest episode, Duryoddhan told Krishna about his unbeatable war opponents and Shakuni read out all the war rules.


The latest episode of Mahabharat showed how Duryodhan told Krishna about all his opponents in the war to be challenging. Shikhandini told Duryodhan that with the help of her, Dhrishtradyumna and Arjun they can destroy rivals. Soon after, Shakuni read out all the rules of the upcoming war. Yudhishthir got worried about the war but agreed ultimately agreed to it. Read on to know more about the whole episode:

Mahabharat written update June 1

The episode started with Krishna saying that soon after 3 days the Mahabharat will start. Duryodhan challenged that the Pandavas will be destroyed soon. Krishna said that no one is aware of the end results. Duryodhan assured that he knows the end results and the reason is Guru Dron, Bhishma, and Karna, who all are on his side and they're strong warriors; hence, his chances of winning are likely. Shikhandini said Duryodhan their answer as to who will win the war against Karna is Arjun, against Guru Dron is her brother and against Bhisma it is her. Mamashri got angry at Shikhandini for speaking in the middle. She said she has the right to speak because she is titled the Senapati of all the five Pandavas.

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Duryodhan asked Mamashri if Shikhandini was right and he agreed but also assured him that the war is between him and Krishna and they have some time to discuss and he further told Duryodhan to remember that the reason for his victory in the war would be Yudhishtir's dharma. A day before the war could begin, Draupadi said that she is very sure that Mamashri would be plotting an evil plan, Yudhishtir asked her not to worry and whatever he planned would be related to adharma and eventually dharma is what will lead to the victory of the war. 

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In the get-together held before the war began, Mamashri said that going through the war rules would prove beneficial. He said that the war will start with the sunrise and the war will conclude when it becomes difficult to see even with the help of lights. Bhishma said that the war will conclude on sunset. Arjun said to Bheem that they should agree to the rules and challenged Bhishma that he will attack him even when he will not be able to see. Bhisma asked to stop the argument and it is in the hands of Senapati and that person will choose as to when the war would commence and conclude.

Mamashri said that the second rule of the war is that everyone will attack their opponent that is equal to their potential and if anyone disregarded the guidelines they will be sentenced to death. Mamashri continued and said that attacking any woman is against the war guidelines and that any woman will only fight will another woman opponent. He further pointed out to Yudhishtir about the rule saying that if he disobeyed the rule he would be on the path of adharma. Yudhishtir agreed and said no lady will participate in the upcoming war. Mamashri started talking to Duryodhan and reminded him that Yudhishtir's belief in dharma is the key to winning the war. 

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