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'Mahabharat' Written Update May 1st & 2nd: Shikhandi's Story & Warfare Rules Are Decided

'Mahabharat' has made a comeback on television. If you still have not watched the latest episode of 'Mahabharat', here is everything that happened.


B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharat is being re-telecast on television during the lockdown and has brought back the golden days of DD. The show is enjoying a record-breaking viewership and fan following. In the latest episode of Mahabharat, Shikhandi narrates his story to his younger brother Drishtdhyum. Shikhandi tells him that he was Amba in his previous birth and had pledged to kill Bhishma Pitamah, and he feels that the time to kill him has arrived.

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Mahabharat written update May 1st evening 

In the next scene, a flashback of the time is shown where Amba was abducted by Bhishma and then he had refused to get married to her as he was a celibate. Amba had left the court after she felt humiliated and had gone to Parashuram for help. Parashuram, who had been the guru of Bhishma, had commanded him to marry Amba or fight him. Bhishma had agreed to fight his guru as he could not have gotten married to Amba. When Amba saw Parashuram getting defeated and helpless in front of Bhishma, she thought that only she could seek to avenge herself. 

Shikhandi told Drishtdhyum that after he was able to impress Lord Shiva with his austerity and worship, Lord Shiva gave him a boon. Shiva told him that he would be the reason for Bhishma's death. Affirming the same, Shikhandi told Drishtdhyum that he will kill Bhishma himself. 

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Mahabharat Written update May 2nd noon

In the next episode, all the great warriors including Abhimanyu are shown reminiscing their lives and cherishing the memories they have made so far. In the next scene, Arjun is shown burning a bonfire and remembering all the times the Pandavas have been wronged by the Kauravas. Arjun is shown filling with rage as he remembers the burning down of Lakshagrah, how they lost at the game of gambling, how Draupadi was humiliated and their exile for 12 years. 

Lord Krishna interrupts Arjun's thoughts and advises him to seek Goddess Durga's blessings. A while after that, Arjun worships Goddess Durga and seeks her blessings for the war. Gandhari prays to Lord Shiva and asks for his guidance. Vidhur tells Kunti that she should pray for her sons' victory as they are fighting for the right thing. In the next scene, the Pandavas visit Bhishma and the Kauravas. They all get together and decide the rules for warfare. The rules decided by them are as follows:

  • A man will not kill any person who is not a man by gender.
  • No warrior will attack an unarmed person.
  • No one will attack a retreating warrior or an injured warrior leaving the battlefield.
  • No one will attack the person aiding an injured person.
  • Any army's non-soldiers must not be killed.
  • Each person will fight the person who is as capable as them and not attack the weaker person. This implied that a soldier will fight a soldier. A charioteer will fight with another charioteer. Each one should fight with a warrior of equal rank.
  • No one warrior is to be surrounded by many and killed.
  • The war will be held between dawn to dusk. 
  • People can meet each other between dusk to dawn without fear of being attacked.
  • The person who surrenders must be protected.

In the next scene, Lord Krishna visits Karna and tries to persuade him again to join the Pandavas. He tells Karna that Bhishma hasn't allowed him to fight the war, and therefore he must not waste his time fighting for the wrongdoers. Karna tells him that he cannot betray Duryodhana even though he knows that he is wrong. Karna reminds Krishna that Duryodhana extended his hand of friendship when he was all alone and was a nobody. Karna says that he would rather get killed by Arjun fighting for Duryodhana than betray his friend.

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