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Mahabharat Written Update May 7 And May 8 | The War Has Started To Become More Fierce

Duryodhana said that nothing happened in the battlefield except war. However, he also said that the war will surely end tomorrow. Read ahead to know more-


B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharat is re-running on television amidst the lockdown and is enjoying a record-breaking viewership. In the latest episode, time (samay) said that no one is coward in Kurukshetra. Duryodhana, even after being a Mahavira, placed the treachery high in his strategy to make Yudhishthra captive. He also lied to Dronacharya. Duryodhana gave a false promise to Susarma, and along with Dushasan, came to the battlefield to meet Bhishma Pitamah. As Bhishma asked about the war, Duryodhana said that nothing happened in the battlefield except war. However, he also said that the war will surely end tomorrow. Read ahead to know more-

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Mahabharat written update May 7 evening

Dhritarashtra visited Vidur late at his house. Vidur Vadhu came to Dhritarashtra to his seek blessings. Dhritarashtra said that the number of people taking blessings from him is decreasing and gradually, only widows will remain. This war will take away everything from him, he expressed his concern. To this, Vidur asked Dhritarashtra to stop the war at any cost. Vidur said that he is even ready to run barefoot behind his chariot, but requested him to ask Vasudev in the battlefield to stop the war. However, Dhritarashtra refused and said that he can't do it because if he did, his dear Duryodhana would commit suicide. Vidur said that beloved Duryodhana Maharaj had committed suicide long before the war started. 

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Another day of battle in the field of Kurukshetra, and the Kauravas and Pandavas are face to face. Compared to previous battle days, there are lesser soldiers on the field now, who gave the message to start the war by blowing a conch. A fight ensues between Arjun and Susharma, and arrows started moving between the two. Duryodhana was held captive by the rival camp, but he escaped from there and went to the battlefield near Yudhishthira. As soon as he arrived on the battlefield, he gets hit by an arrow. Soon, Yudhishthir starts discussing the departure of Arjuna and Susharma. On the other hand, Gurudron blew a conch to initiate a war between Duryodhana and the Pandavas. 

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Mahabharat written update for May 8 morning

The war between the Kauravs and Pandavas started becoming fierce and there was chaos all around. The soldiers were being killed and the land of Kurukshetra was sunken with blood and had become red. As Abhimanyu arrived on the battlefield, not one but many great warriors stood in front of him. Abhimanyu stood fearlessly against Karna, Dronacharya, Shalya, Ashwathama, Shakuni, Dushasana, and Duryodhana. As Abhimanyu competed with the Kaurava’s side, he suddenly fell down from his chariot. After seeing this, the Kauravas took it as their first win. However, as they went closer to Abhimanyu, he stood up again, ready to fight.

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Arjun and Susarma get into an ugly fight in the battlefield. On the other hand, Duryodhana learnt that Guru Drona was not in the room. Duryodhana asked all the soldiers and no one seemed to know the answer. Later, Gurudev arrived but said that he does not owe anyone any answers. He later told Duryodhana that he will bring Yudhishthir captivated to him and started building the chakravyuh for the same. On the other hand, a soldier got up in front of Drona and accused him of being a fraud.




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