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'Mazhya Navryachi Bayko' Written Update For Sept 16: Gurunath Insults Radhika Publicly

Read further & check out 'Mazhya Navryachi Bayko' Written Update for Sept 16, 2020. In this episode, Gurunath insults Shayana & Radhika in front of everyone.

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko written update

As seen in the last episode, Gurunath reaches Radhika's felicitation event and gets shocked seeing Shanaya giving a speech praising Radhika. Mazhya Navraychi Bayko Sept 16 episode begins with Gurunath interrupting the event. He mocks Radhika asking if this was a felicitation event or 'praise Radhika' event. He also mocks Shanaya for saying good words about Radhika. He insults Shanaya mocking her poor command on the Marathi language. Shanaya tries to stop him but he continues to shout. 

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Written Update

Gurunath mocks Radhika 

Soumitra tries to interrupt Gurunath. However, Gurunath taunts him by calling him Mr Pinky. Soumitra asks him to not create a scene at the event. Shanaya tells Gurunath she never insulted him at all. Gurunath says her that being at the event is more than an insult for him. Radhika finally speaks and asks him to leave the event. Gurunath reminds everyone about the Pinky incident. He also reveals how Radhika denied to apologise to Gurunath in the meeting. Anand interrupts him. 

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However, Gurunath continues to insult Radhika. He blames her for taking away his parents from them. He also says Radhika parted him from his close friends Anand and Soumitra. And blames her for marrying his best friend Soumitra. He further goes onto taunt her for sending Soumitra as Pinky to degrade his name even more. He then says Radhika brainwashed Shanaya against him. Everyone gets silent and shocked listening to Gurunath babble about Radhika. 

Palwankar gets mad at Gurunath and asks him to leave Radhika Masale's office. Jenny also agrees with him and tells Gurunath to leave. Soumitra takes Radhika's side and tells Gurunath he would do anything for Radhika. Gurunath still doesn't stop. He even tries to insult Radhika in front of the farmers. 

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Radhika tells her side of the story 

Gurunath shouts at Shanaya for being at the event. He says that he will not forgive her for what she did. Gurunath asks Shanaya to come home along with him. Shanaya denies and says she won't go anywhere with him. He tries to force her. Gurunath drags Shanaya but Radhika holds Shayana's hand and stops him. Gurunath asks Radhika to leave her hand but she denies. He says she is his wife but Radhika asks him to have some shame for calling her his wife after what he did. 

Radhika turns towards the camera and tells everyone that now she will speak her own side. Gurunath tries to leave but she stops him. Radhika tells the entire story of how Gurunath played games with everyone and illtreated Shanaya and Radhika. Shanaya also agrees with Radhika. 

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