'Mere Dad Ki Dulhan' Written Update | March 16: Nia Finds Out That Guneet Is Bawra Mann

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Check out the March 16 episode of Mere Dad ki Dulhan written updates. Read all the details of the latest episode of the popular serial here.

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mere dad ki dulhan written updates

Sony Entertainment's show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is receiving positive reviews from the audience. The show has gained a lot of popularity since it was first aired. It stars Shweta Tiwari, Varun Badola and Anjali Tatrari in the pivotal roles. The storyline is modern with some interesting twists using the concept of online dating and messaging. Find out more through Mere Dad ki Dulhan written updates. 

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan written updates 

The latest episode of Mere Dad Ki Dulhan starts with Nia confronting Amber about his liking for Guneet, she is confused if he still likes the online person. Amber then reveals it to Nia that Guneet herself is the online person here. Nia is shocked at this revelation. Amber tries to calm Nia down from her excitement, and he takes her to the room.

On the other hand, Guneet gives water to Pummy and asks her to hydrate herself after everything. Pummy is unrestful. She says everything tastes bitter, to this Guneet taunts that why did she drink so much ‘Bhaang’. Guneet recalls everything that Pummy di, like going with foreigners, getting lost, or dance.

Guneet says that if Pummy would have gone according to the plan, everything would have been fine. Pummy then curses the plan entirely. She says that Amber planned revenge on her and everything turned out the way it did. Guneet saves him by saying that he was worried about Pummy when she got lost, he personally searched for her everywhere. Pummy is surprised at this. She asks Guneet how Amber changed for the good? Guneet does not know what's the deal with him herself. She says that she will confirm if it was revenge or something. Guneet comes to confront him, however, he asks her to sit on the bike before talking.

Once Guneet sits on the bike, a sweet song plays in the background. Then Nia imagines scenarios and bursts out laughing. Nia then recalls to the conversation she had about Guneet with Amber and realises that she had several questions to ask. Amber says that they both did not know that while they were chatting because none of them uploaded a display picture.

Nia then realises the reason why Amber returned shocked that day. She is now bringing pieces of the puzzles together. Amber says that its not his luck, things were so complicated. Nia is still shocked and thinks that it's maddening that Amber was talking to Guneet. Nia starts laughing at the situation. However Amber says that she cannot do that. Further,

Nia reiterates the words "Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Guneet Sikka?" Amber asks her to stop, but Nia continues.  Cut to outside, he is recalling the whole conversation with Nia.

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Guneet is making  food, she is asking Ghanshyam to eat it, she is actually forcing him to eat it. Ghanshyam is full and resists. He says he cannot digest more food. Guneet then tries to ask why Amber is behaving nicely with her and Pummy. She wants information out of Ghanshyam.

Ghanshyam does not know anything abd he says that all he knows is that he was supposed to take Pummy out for the trip and nothing else. Guneet suspects him. Guneet then asks Ghanshyam if Pandey knows anything, as he is Amber’s close friend.

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Nia then starts teasing her father about the whole incident. She later apologises for her behaviour. Amber scolds Nia. But Nia threatens him wittily that she will reveal everything to Guneet. Amber is confused.

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Amber then comes, Nia tries to stop as she is still catching up with facts. Nia then suggests that Guneet and Amber are not a good pairing. Amber is doubtful about it. He asks the reason for her opinion. She says that if there has to be a list of the advantages and disadvantages of Guneet and Amber being together, then the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. She then asks Amber to tell the bad points. He calls her rude, mannerless and also mentions her crazy mother. They also laugh at her long fingers.

Guneet then asks for help, as Pummy’s ring is stuck on her finger, Nia then looks at Guneet’s fingers and say that Amber is right about the long fingers, Guneet is confused. Amber says that it is nothing.  Guneet is worried about the stuck ring, Amber suggests some home remedies to bring the ring out. Then Guneet leaves. Amber has some good pointers to say about Guneet, Nia is surprised that her father has observed properly.



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