'Mere Dad Ki Dulhan' Written Updates | March 2: Amber Loses His Agency To Randeep's Dad

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Check out the March 2 episode of Mere Dad ki Dulhan written updates. Read all the details of the latest episode of the popular serial here.

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mere dad ki dulhan written updates

Sony Entertainment's show Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is receiving positive reviews from the audience. The show has gained a lot of popularity since it was first aired. It stars Shweta Tiwari, Varun Badola and Anjali Tatrari in the pivotal roles. The storyline is modern with some interesting twists using the concept of online dating and messaging. Find out more through Mere Dad ki Dulhan written updates. 

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan written updates for March 2

The latest episode of Mere Dad Ki Dulhan starts with Nia leaving the office. She is seen taking her belongings. The security is questioning her on what is she taking outside. She tells them to let her go respectfully. However, the security guy says that its protocol. The management is also there. Nia is angry that despite her dedication and her efforts for three years, the company has not returned her favour for her loyalty. She is furious.

Along with her, her friend Kajal also says that she does not want to stay at a company who treats Nia like that, who was a dedicated employee. Kabir and Shri ask her to think about it rationally. Kajal says that she is also leaving. Kajal is sarcastically showing them her belongings and says that everything is her's, she is not going to take anything belonging to the company.

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Cut to Amber’s office, Randeep is giving all the details to the drivers. All the employees are thinking about how they got so much of business. Randeep says that it is actually a lottery. He is excited about the new business.

Amber walks in while thinking about everything that has happened. He is worried about Guneet. Amber then sits at his desk as Randeep says that business is booming. Amber asks who invested the money. Then, Mehendi Ratta, Randeep’s dad enters. Randeep says that he took the loan from Ratta.

Ratta says that whatever loan Amber has taken from multiple investors are now onto him. Ratta says that now the business is his. Randeep and Amber are both surprised at this. Ratta says that Amber has to pay him off thirty-four lakhs in twenty-four hours or leave the office as the business is his now. Randeep is saying that he is betrayed that his dad did this to them.

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Nia and Kajal are now in a bar celebrating leaving their job. They are seen drinking chaas (spiced butter milk) and also talk about the food that they love. Nia then brings up why Kajal left the job, it was not right. But Kajal says that she was inspired by Nia. Nia and Kajal are discussing how broke they are. Nia and Kajal hug it out and Nia thanks her for being on her side.

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Nia then gets a call from Amber, saying she has to leave. Cut to Amber’s office, Randeep, Nia and Amber are worried about the whole incident. Amber says that Randeep ruined their whole process. Amber calls him a liar, Randeep opposes. Nia consoles Amber and says that Randeep was trying to help out. Amber says that the agency is 20 years old and was started for Nia’s late mother. Amber leaves, and Nia lets him go. Randeep is worried. He says that his dad manipulated him and exploited him. He says that his dad did very wrong to him. Randeep says that he has to do something. He does not know what! Nia asks him to win the trust of her dad.

Cut to home, Amber is seen making calls to everyone. He has not even eaten anything. Nia yells at him for not having food. He is still busy at making the calls and getting his business back. Nia tries to assure him that nothing will go bad, things will turn out good. Amber says that he is emotional about everything and cannot let go of the agency. He says that he does not have any savings as he has invested everything into the agency. He says that he is too closely connected to the business.

Nia is still asking him to eat the food. She says that he is trying and that’s what counts. Nia reminds him that he should focus on the future.

Nia then informs Amber that Guneet had messaged her and said that she is out for a conference and even Pummy is along with them. Amber recalls what had happened. Amber is then talking to a photo of Nia’s mother. He confesses that things are all wrong. He tells her that he is now relieved that Guneet is fine. Amber is also constantly thinking about her and he does not know why he is acting the way he is. Amber then thinks of something and believes that he can defeat Mehendi Ratta.



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