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'Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki' Written Update Sept 9: Heer Is Stopped By Virat

In 'Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki' Written Update Sept 9, Heer, devasted by the death of her best friend decides to file a complaint. But she is stopped by Virat.

Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update

In the previous episode of Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, Heer mourns the death of her best friend Nutan. Nutan saved the life of Virat by taking a bullet for him. Heer devasted by the news, returns home. Heer hugs Rohan and cries while telling him about Nutan’s death. Rohan who is in utter disbelief assures Heer that he will bring justice to Nutan. Heer is adamant to go to the police to file a complaint against Nutan’s killers.

Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update for September 9

The latest episode begins with Heer crying to Rohan about Nutan’s death. She pleads to him to allow her to go to the police station and file a complaint against her best friend’s killers. However, Rohan assures her that he will bring justice to Nutan and that Heer should concentrate on her studies for now. But Heer is too overwhelmed by Nutan’s death and is adamant to file a complaint. She runs away from home and heads to the police station.

On the other hand, Chameli informs Saya about Virat’s decision to take the police to Kareena’s place. Saya is worried that if Kareena gets arrested, she will inform everyone about Heer’s truth. Hence she leaves for Kareena’s house to stop Virat and the police from arresting her.

When they arrive, they notice that Soham is giving money to Kareena. Chameli doubts if this could be Soham’s work. However, upon seeing their reflection in the mirror, Soham immediately starts begging Chameli to leave his sister alone. He tells Kareena that her enmity is with Soumya Maa and not Heer. Kareena sees the old enmity as a golden opportunity to get more money.

Deepika gushes in, informing them about the arrival of the police along with Virat. However, Kareena doesn’t bother and says that Saya will handle everything. Saya tells Chameli to take Kareena and go away will she talks to the police.

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Virat arrives with the police and is furious. He spots Saya and asks her about Kareena’s house. However, Saya tries to calm him down by explaining that what he's doing is wrong and will affect Heer. Virat is now confused and asks Saya what does she mean by that. She goes on to explain that Kareena abducted Heer because she is a transgender and not because of her enmity with Soumya. If Kareena gets arrested she will reveal that Heer is a transgender and this will hurt Heer. Flabbergasted Virat then questions Saya if it is right to set Nutan’s killer free. Saya assures him that once Heer is settled with a job they will punish Kareena for her deed. Virat then withdraws his complaint and leaves

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Heer bumps into Virat on her way to the police station. When inquired about her whereabouts by Virat, she informs him that she’s going to file a complaint. Virat refuses to let her go and takes her to Harak Singh’s house. Heer who is furious tells Virat that he should be ashamed and that Nutan would regret her decision of saving your life. Soham scolds Heer for meeting Virat, but Virat yells back at Soham and tells him to talk with dignity to his sister.

Virat on his way back recalls the entire series of the day. He thinks about Nutan’s last words to him that Heer is in love with him. When he reaches the tea stall he wonders why does he keep thinking about Heer. Just then Preeto calls him up and asks him to meet her behind the temple.   

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