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Vishnu Puran Written Update June 2, 2020: Lord Shiva Drinks Kalkut Poison

'Vishnu Puran' Written Update June 2, 2020: Lord Shiva drinks the Kalkut poison, to let the Samundra Manthan continue for the devatas and demons. Read more here

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Vishnu Puran has been on air again since May 14, 2020, keeping in view the people's love mythological series. The show was made under the banner of BR Films and was first broadcasted in 2003. Nitish Bhardwaj as Vishnu and Vaidehi Amrite as Lakshmi assumed the lead roles in the series.

In the last episode of Vishnu Puran, Lord Vishnu decides to take the Kurma Avatar (Half-human and Half-Tortoise depiction of Vishnu). Goddess Lakshmi is upset to see him go but Lord Vishnu assure her that they will meet again after the Samundra Manthan. Lord Vishnu in his Kurma avatar then takes the Mandarachal on his back so that the devatas and demons can begin the Samudra Manthan.

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Vishnu Puran written update for June 2, 2020-

As the Samundra Manthan was underway, a pot of poison appears and starts boiling. It was the Kalkuta poison that comes into being due to Samundra Manthan and starts spreading its smoke. The flame of Kalkuta poison is very intense. All the devatas and demons are then seen burning with the flame of the poison. This leads to lot of chaos on the earth, and people started running here and there to save themselves.

All the devatas then turn to Lord Shiva and ask for his help in such a situation. The devatas then together meditate on Lord Shankar. Lord Shiva drinks the poison of Kalkut to protect his devotees. His throat turns blue due to the effect of this poison and hence, Lord Vishnu gives him the title of 'Neelkanth'.

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Lord Vishnu goes to Guru Shukracharya and informs him about this situation, and demons are again ready for the Manthan. The churning of the sea begins once again. This time, a woman emerges from the sea who was an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi herself. Brahma Dev names this beautiful woman as Sagar Putra. And then to win this beautiful lady who emerged from the sea, there is war between the gods and the demons. But as this woman was Goddess Lakshmi, she wanted to be with Lord Vishnu. But as she was born as Sagar Putri, she has no choice left but to follow the rules of earth. Goddess Lakshmi, born as Sagar's daughter is confused and hence goes to Lord Brahma seeking a solution.

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Lord Brahma then goes on the earth and reminds the devatas and demons that no woman can be won without her will. In this way, Lord Brahma started a new tradition called the 'Swayamvara' for Sagar Putra. This Swayamvara system gave the women the right to choose her groom as per her will. The king of demons gets distraught as he is tensed about who will be chosen by the beautiful lady in the Swayamvara.

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