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'Vishnu Puran' Written Update May 22, 2020: Matsya Kills Hayagriva, Manu Starts New Life

Vishnu Puran Written Update May 22, 2020: Matsya killed Hayagriva and Vishnu took the Vedants. Manu took all 7 Rishis and Shatarupa to form a new life on earth.

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Nitish Bhardwaj as Vishnu and Vaidehi Amrite as Lakshmi bring together the show Vishnu Puran. The re-broadcast of Vishnu Puran started from May 14, 2020. The show was made under the banner of BR Films and was first broadcast in 2003.

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Vishnu Puran written update for May 22, 2020

In the last episode, Lord Vishnu comes to the earth in Matsya Avatar. The episode began with Vishnu taking rest on Sheshnaga with Lakshmi. Two security guards slept on the door of a jail. The four Vedants in Brahmin clothes sat in jail looking at the two guards. One child went to the guards and looked at the two of them sleeping. He tried to open the door from inside by putting his hand through the bars and it open it. They successfully opened the door and walked out.

The children walked outside but the guards slept. Suddenly, one woke up and stretched. He woke up and saw that the children are gone and also shook the other one awake. The two then discussed that if Demon Hayagriva came to know about this, he will be very angry. The Vedants carefully walked out to free themselves.

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Demon Hayagriva got angry with his servants. They all searched for the Vedants in the castle. The kids kept hiding themselves from being caught and were about to escape when they get caught by Demon Hayagriva. He said that he would have to kill them and asked them to remember their Lord Vishnu as much as they can. Suddenly, Matsya barged in and hit Hayagriva on his face. Matsya swam around, killing every supporter of Hayagriva.

Matsya and Hayagriva fought for a long time, and finally, Matsya won. Vishnu claimed that they are not yet ready to go to Earth. The four Vedants turned to an ‘Om’ symbol and it floated inside Vishnu’s mouth, residing there until they are ready to face the human world.

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Meanwhile on Earth

Manu’s wife came into the hut to inform him that she is ready for the journey. She claimed that she kept a pair of Cuckoo birds as well because she liked their sound. He asked her if she kept a pair of crows as well. Swami told him that crows are also useful as she used to know when Swami came back home when the crow used to caw. She also said that she would keep poisonous snakes as they could be helpful as well. Manu gives the lesson that whenever we try to save the good in life, we also need to accept the bad. Manu said that all he also would have to take the 7 Rishis who will spread knowledge in the new world. Vashishta Dev suggested that they should take Yoga Samadhi as they foresaw how the world is about to end.

Back on Kailas, Lord Shiva is ready to bring destruction. Shiva and Gauri took the avatar of Ardhnareshwara to maintain the balance of both genders. Manu, along with the animals, his wife, and the 7 rishis started travelling to safety. Shiva’s third eye opened that the destruction began. The people on the boat faced a lot of problems but they were safe. They reached land.

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Lord Vishnu came to greet them and told them that he is impressed by Manu and Shatarupa. Vishnu said that he wants to save humans from turning into demons in each Yuga. He then chants ‘Om’ and all the four Vedants are given to Manu.

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