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Does White Vision Still Love Wanda? Where Does White Vision Go At The End Of Episode?

'WandaVision' was one of the best shows of 2021. The finale raised a lot of questions for the fans. Does White Vision still love Wanda? Read on to find out.

does white vision go love wanda

White Vision's reveal in episode 8 was a major surprise for fans. In the finale episode of WandaVision, the two versions of Vision's fight it out and come to a peaceful resolution by the end. Read on to find out whether White Vision loves Wanda. 

Does White Vision Love Wanda?

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After the two Vision's finished their discussions, White Vision comes to the realisation that he is the true Vision in body and mind. Westview Vision helps White Vision unlock his memories and after a Flashback sequence, and we see his whole life up till point flash before his eyes. Then Vision takes off and leaves the building, disappearing for the rest of the episode. It's unclear where VIsion went after leaving Westview. Marvel hasn't left any clues or given an indication of where he went in the future. To understand if White Vision loves Wanda, we have to take a look at his history in the comics.

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In the comics, White Vision doesn't have the ability to possess any emotions. This seems to be the case in WandaVision as well. He is truly a mechanical robot with artificial intelligence for his brain. Without the Soul Stone present inside of him, he is an empty shell of the original Vision. Even in the show, we see that the Westview Vision was made out of Wanda's memories and the power of the Soul Stone that resided within her. Without the Soul Stone, Vision is just a machine, incapable of emotion. So a being capable of emotions cannot feel love for another person. So, it's quite evident that Vision does not love Wanda. 

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WandaVision ending explained 

Wanda and Vision's story came to a bittersweet conclusion in yesterday's finale episode. The show managed to wrap up most of the storylines it introduced in the season. Wanda defeated Agatha with one of her own spells. The two Visions came to a peaceful resolution and White Vision disappeared. Wanda lifted the hex spell she'd placed over Westview and set all the residents free. She imprisoned Agatha in her own mind, making her believe she was being the nosy neighbour Agnes. There was also a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene which helped set up future Marvel films. Stay tuned for more news related to upcoming Marvel projects. 

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