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High-Rise Invasion Ending Explained: Which Candidate Will Become The Perfect God?

High-Rise invasion is a new thriller-mystery anime by Netflix based on a manga of the same name. Read on to know more about the High-Rise Invasion ending.

high-rise invasion ending

High-Rise Invasion is one of the coolest anime shows Netflix has come up with in recent memory. The shows combine awesome action sequences, a memorable group of characters and an intense and thrilling storyline. The ending might leave a few viewers confused, though. Read on to find the High-Rise Invasion ending explained. 

High-Rise Invasion Ending Explained 

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High-Rise Invasion is a very complex show with a lot of overlapping storylines that run at the same time. To truly understand the show, we have to understand the concept and purpose of the masks. There are multiple masked figures in the show whose only purpose seems to kill the humans in the High-Rise world or make them commit suicide. If the masks fail to accomplish that feat, they are programmed to kill themselves.

The mask wearers were originally humans, just like the characters in the show, but their brains have been hacked and the one who hacked them can freely control the masks' behaviour. There are four types of masks introduced in the first season. They are: the smiling masks also called angels, the angry masks, also called guardian angels, the emotionless masks and finally, the faceless masks. The smiling masks are the most common whereas the faceless masks are the rarest. 

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The main goal of the High-Rise invasion realm is to build a new perfect GOD and that individual has to be chosen from a number of God candidates. These candidates are also called Those Who Have Become Closer to God. The Faceless masks have the ability to initiate God powers among the existing humans in the High-Rise realm. God Candidates receive a ton of abilities and powers. They have the ability to control and manipulate the behaviour of other masks, they can suspend a mask's hibernation, they gain control of the large powerful railgun located at the centre of the realm.

They also develop a kind of sixth sense which helps them locate other humans and enemies in the realm. The God candidate who remains, in the end, will become the Perfect God with omnipotent powers. At the end of season one of high-invasion, Mamoru Aikawa, Kuon Shizaki and Yuri the protagonist all end up as God candidates after a brutal fight for their survival. Yuri is still in search of her brother but also finds friendship and support from her friends inside the realm. 

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High-Rise Invasion Season 2 

As of now, there hasn't been any news in regards to the second season for the High-Rise Invasion. It seems likely that will Netlfix will announce a second season if the show becomes a big hit. If you haven't seen the show yet, you should definitely check it out. Stay tuned for more news on anime, High-Rise Invasion and Netflix. 

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