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Is Scarlet Witch Evil In 'WandaVision'? Is Wanda Going To Become A Villain In Future?

'WandaVision' has been one of the best shows of 2021. The show recently ended and Wanda did some things in the show that were scary. Is Scarlet Witch evil?

is scarlet witch evil

The final episode of WandaVision has left fans wanting more Marvel content. The last episode focused on Wanda and her transformation into the infamous Scarlet Witch. The way Marvel has dealt with Wanda's character from the beginning is an indication that she might have an evil streak inside of her. Read on to know, whether Scarlet Witch is evil?

Is Scarlet Witch evil? 

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As of now, Wanda hasn't shown any obvious signs of being a villain. She has hurt a lot of people, but never on purpose. However, that might soon change. There's a good chance Wanda is being set up as the villain for Marvel movies in the future. From her very first appearance, Wanda has shown some villainous streaks. When she first appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron, she appeared as a villain, as an ally of Ultron and made the Avengers fight each with her mind tricks.

Well, it wasn't completely her fault, she had been groomed since childhood to be that way. Then again, in the Civil War film, she caused an accident in Africa that started the whole war between Captain American and the Winter Soldier. A lot of innocent people died due to losing control of her powers. 

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In Avengers: Endgame, she almost single-handedly crushed Thanos to death effortlessly as she was angry at him for having killed Vision. It was at that moment the real extent of her powers started to reveal itself. Thanos, the most powerful villain the Avengers had ever faced, crumbled like a doll in front of her powers. The way her anger manifested was almost evil. Finally, in WandaVision, her grief over the loss of Vision overpowered her and she lost control of her powers, creating Westview and trapping residents for days under her will. They were like slaves to her and she controlled them with her minds. At the end of the WandaVision finale, we see the residents glaring at Wanda in anger after being freed and they were justified, given what they went through. 

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In the last few minutes, Agatha also says to Wanda that she doesn't know what she has done and unleashed. If Agatha, a powerful evil witch is scared of Wanda, it means there must be something more to her persona. As of now, Wanda remains a stable person, but based on how much she has suffered there's a good chance she might turn evil in the future if only to save her kids. 

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