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'Little Fires Everywhere' Book Ending | How Was It Different From The Hulu Show?

Little Fires Everywhere book ending is different to that of what was shown in the series by Hulu. Read to know what was changed from the acclaimed novel.

little fires everywhere book ending

Little Fires Everywhere is a story written by Celeste NG and was released in the year 2017. The book became a huge success and Hulu decided to adapt the book and make a show on it. The show stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, who also executive produced, alongside Liz Tigelaar, Lauren Neustadter, and Pilar Savone. The story is a beautiful representation of family problems and teenage problems along with the different shades of motherhood. 

While the book ends in a certain way, the last episode of the show displayed a different ending of the story altogether. This change was made by Liz Tigelaar, who is the showrunner. She talked about how she wanted an arc for every character and hence the decision of changing the ending was made.

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Little Fires Everywhere difference between book & show

Ending of Little Fires Everywhere book

The book Little Fires Everywhere ends with Izzy realising that all her siblings, Moody, Trip, as well as Lexie, have used Pearl, her neighbour Mia's daughter and her friend, for their personal interests. She is always shown to be one who rebels at things that she finds unfair, even if it is against her own family. As she understands the cruelty of her siblings, she decides that she take the matters in her hands. She starts small fires on the beds of her three siblings.

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What she did not know, however, that her mother Elena was also at home. The whole house catches fire. While everyone remains unharmed, and they all shift to a rental house. Izzy finally decides to run away and also is determined to never return. Mia and Pearl leave to find Mia's family and also meet her father. Elena leaves to search for her daughter.

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Ending of Little Fires Everywhere show

The show's ending shows how Izzy is determined to start the fires and also gets a tank of gasoline, but her siblings stop her. When Elena realises what she was going to do, she screams that she never wanted a fourth child. Izzy storms away as Lexie also reveals her pregnancy to Elena. With the absence of Izzy, the three children decide to complete what Izzy had planned in the first place. They take the gasoline and burns the house. 


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The show finally had Izzy run away after Pearl. The book suggests that Izzy will never see her mother again. It is unclear whether Izzy will ever meet her mother in the show. 


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