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'Money Heist' Season 4 spoiler alert: What disease does Berlin have?

Berlin, El Professor’s brother, was one of the major characters in 'Money Heist'. Read on to know more details about what disease Berlin had.

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The latest season of Netflix’s Money Heist was released on April 3, 2020. Fans have already begun pouring their love and reviews for the latest season. The new season has all the main characters come together once again to continue stealing the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. However, ever since the first trailer of the new season was unveiled, fans have been wondering whether Berlin is alive or not. Alert: Money Heist season 4 spoilers ahead!

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Money Heist season four: Is Berlin alive?

Andrés de Fonollosa aka Berlin is one of the brightest and most important minds in Money Heist. He is one of the main masterminds behind every criminal stealing involved in the show. However, he was shot dead by the police in the previous season. This left fans devastated. However, fans were still surprised to see Berlin make a comeback in the trailer for Money Heist’s season four.

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However, it has now been revealed that Berlin was only seen in flashbacks in the entire new season of Money Heist. This also means that he is indeed actually dead. Despite not being alive in the show, Berlin’s mastermind still played an important role in their plans to break open the vault of the Bank of Spain.

Season four of Money heist also makes another big revelation for Berlin fans. It is revealed in one of the flashback scenes that Berlin was indeed terminally ill even before the first heist started. In a flashback scene, Berlin tells Professor who is also his brother that he has their mother’s illness. This is a rare degenerative disease.

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Berlin further went on to tell Professor that he has barely three years in his hand to live. El Professor then tries to convince Berlin that they should instead call off the heist and focus on his treatment. But Berlin tells him that he loves stealing. Hence, it has now become clear that one way or another Berlin was sure to die in Money Heist.

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