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Fact Check: Did Delhi AIIMS Doctor Share A List Of Symptoms For Coronavirus?

Fact check: A message about a Delhi AIIMS doctor sharing a comparative list of symptoms with coronavirus to other diseases has been proven to be fake.

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Fake messages being circulated on WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms are evidently creating unnecessary paranoia in people's minds. Various pieces of doctored and fake news find their way to WhatsApp groups which are often unverified and untrue. It is important that people know which message they read on a social media platform. 

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Claim - 

One of the recent message circulated on WhatsApp and other social media platforms are claiming that a certain doctor from AIIMS Delhi has shared a list of the symptoms of coronavirus. The message being circulated on the internet features a list of symptoms which act as a guideline for people to self diagnose coronavirus. The same forwarded message has found its way to various social media platforms. 

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Rating - False

The official website of AIIMS Delhi has not issued any public statement regarding the comparison of symptoms of coronavirus and flu, common cold, etc. AIIMS has listed the names and e-mail addresses of their staff member but the certain doctor noted in the fake messages does not seem to be the part of the pathology department od AIIMS. Symptoms for the coronavirus have been listed by various official authorities in India and globally. People should only rely on official updates given out by governing bodies in order to curb the spread of misinformation. 

Origin - 

The message first started circulating on WhatsApp which was later picked up by various questionable content pages on Facebook and other social media platforms. The message was shared massively on WhatsApp as people reportedly started to believe that the message is genuine because of the credentials of AIIMS written under it. The message was also seen being shared majorly on Facebook also. 

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Google Trends analysis - 

As the message started circulating on WhatsApp, people were quick to search whether it had any credibility. This resulted in a surge of searches on Google for the same. Check it out below - 

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