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Fact Check: Did Donald Trump Send 18 Tonnes Of PPE To China?

Fact check: Many internet users were searching to see whether Donald Trump sent out 18 tonnes of PPE to China and it has been proven true.

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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has evidently taken an ugly turn in the USA where over 185 thousand cases have been reported. Out of them, over 4,000 cases have resulted in fatal outcomes. But people are also pointing out now how inadequate handling of the pandemic in the USA has resulted in more casualties. 

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Various social media users are sharing the tweet posted by US House Representative Maxine Waters where she called out President Donal Trump for sending 18 tonnes worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) to China. In the tweet, Maxine Waters also stated that Donald Trump was considering the coronavirus outbreak to be a hoax. People were unsure whether the tweet was actually tweeted out by Maxine waters or whether it was fabricated. People were also reportedly interested in knowing whether Donald Trump did send out 18 tonnes of PPE to China. 

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The tweet was actually made by US House Representative Maxine Waters and her claim of Donald Trump sending almost 18 tonnes of PPE equipment to China has also been proven true. Secretary Mike Pompeo had posted a tweet back on February 5, 2020, about the same. 17.8 tonnes worth of masks, respirators, gowns, gloves and other important protective equipment were shipped to China in order for them to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Check out Secretary Pompeo's tweet below - 

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Many people in the USA had called out President Trump's inefficiency in handling the coronavirus outbreak. President had himself went on many public occasions and called the coronavirus a hoax. Hence when US House Representative Maxine's tweet surfaced on the social media platform, people shared it in abundance. The news of Donal Trump sending out PPE to China while the USA was on the brink of the coronavirus pandemic reportedly shocked many American citizens. 

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People have reportedly been disappointed on President Donald Trump's decision of sending out PPE to China as the pandemic lurked behind their shoulders. This resulted in a number of people searching whether Trump actually sent out supplies to China on Google. Check it out below - 

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