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Fact Check: Will The Coronavirus Outbreak End On May 29, 2020?

Fact check: An Indian prodigy has predicted that the Coronavirus outbreak will end in India on May 29, 2020. However, it has been proven wrong statistically.

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The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has put the lives of thousands of people in jeopardy. The steady rise in positive cases and the death toll regarding the Coronavirus is a global concern that has taken over the top priorities of major countries across the world. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, various theorists and astrologers have come forward and predicted the end of Coronavirus outbreak. Though people are expected to follow their beliefs, it is important for them to know if the entities they are believing in hold any credibility. 

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A well-known prodigy from YouTube named Abighya Anand has predicted that the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak will finally end on May 29, 2020. The 14-year-old furthermore claims that March 31, 2020, will be this pandemic's 'last stage' or 'climax' and from thereon, the virus will grow weaker. It is being claimed that the earth's orbit around the sun will have an impact on the ongoing pandemic and it will eventually run out of strength on May 29, 2020. Check out the video below:

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The Coronavirus pandemic has no definitive timeline which is recognised by any scientific society across the globe. The unpredictable nature of the virus has made it difficult for various organisations across the world to understand the timeline and make an estimate as to when the pandemic will eradicate. Therefore, the above claims made by Abighya Anand can be proven false. 

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The claims about the Coronavirus pandemic's end in May 2020 came from Abidhya Anand's YouTube channel named Conscience. The YouTube channel features videos on similar lines that talk about predictions based on astrology. Abighya Anand had also predicted the start of the Coronavirus outbreak back in 2019. 

Though it is easy for people to trust astrologers and prodigies during such testing times, it is important to know that actual statistics differ from Abighya's predictions. An outbreak that has taken over the world and formed into a global pandemic has not eradicated or shown signs of lowering down so quickly in the past. As of now, around 724,278 cases of Coronavirus have been recorded. Out of this, India has recorded 1030 cases with 29 deaths.

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Google Trends analysis of 'will coronavirus end on May 29th'

Various internet users were quick to get on Google and search for the end of coronavirus in India. As a result, a surge in Google search for the same has been noticed steadily. Check it out below - 

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