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Fact Check: Did The Philippines Police Shoot A Man Dead At COVID-19 Checkpoint?

A video started spreading like wildfire stating that the Philippines police shot a man dead at a COVID-19 checkpoint recently. Here is the fact check.

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Claim: The Philippines police shot a man dead at COVID-19 checkpoint. 

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What is the rumour about?

  • According to the message that is being forwarded on Facebook, the video shows a group of policemen killing a man.
  • The rumour states that the man was killed as he protested against the quarantine orders that were enforced by President Rodrigo Duterte. 
  • The caption states that the man who fought at the ECQ (enhanced community quarantine) checkpoint was shot dead. It also mentions that no one should repeat this otherwise the CHR (Philippine Commission on Human Rights) and the opposition Liberal Party in the Philippines will find some excuse for this. 

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fact check, did philippine police shoot a man dead, police rules of engagement, imminent danger

Image courtesy: Facebook

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Republic World did a fact check 

  • Republic World did a fact check on the specific video and found it to be False. The video in question does not showcase policemen shooting a man but it is instead a clip from a drill that the policemen were training for. 
  • The video in question has been viewed a 1000 times and therefore it was important to check the authenticity of the video. As the Philippine National Police mentioned, the video is of a training drill, and when the video is completely seen, we can even see that the man who was shot is moving around quite easily even after the gunshot sound. The training exercise was carried out in Sipocot town, Bicol region. Take a look at the whole video.
  • However, one such similar occurrence took place in the Philippines where a  former soldier was shot by the police at the quarantine checkpoint last Tuesday, i.e., on April 21, 2020. Reportedly, the 63-year-old man was shot because he threatened to attack policemen. Check out the message sent by the Philippines officials. 
fact check, did philippine police shoot a man dead, police rules of engagement, imminent danger

Image courtesy: Quezon City Government Twitter

  • Currently, the Philippines has an extended lockdown up to May 15, 2020, due to the rising number of cases. The enhanced community quarantine measures have been appointed by the government since March 17, 2020. 

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Is there any rumour you want Republic World to do a fact check on? Do you have facts about a rumour? Share your pictures or videos with Republic World on or comment on this story itself. 

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