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Important Days In April: All Of The Dates That You Need To Remember

The fourth month of the year has its own share of memorable days. Read this article till the end to know more about important days in April.

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important days in april

The month of April has 30 days and some of them hold more significance over others. Curious to know which important dates fall in the month of April? Here is a list for your reference -

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Important days in April

1st April- All fool’s day

The first day of this month is among the quirkiest and most important days in April. On this day, people play pranks on others and fool them. The origin of this festival is still unknown.

2nd April- Good Friday

Good Friday is among the auspicious days in April. Good Friday is celebrated by Christians all over the world as the crucifixion day of Jesus Christ and is observed on Friday, which comes before Easter.

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4th April-Easter

The 4th of April is also among the auspicious days in April. It is celebrated to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion.

4th April- International day of Mine awareness

This day is celebrated all over the world to spread awareness about the harmful effects of landmines on human civilization.

5th April- National maritime day

The 5th of April is also among the special days in April with national importance This day is celebrated as the national maritime day to mark the development of Indian naval fleets.

7th April- World health day

The WHO celebrates the 7th of April as World Health Day since 1950 to celebrate the importance of a healthy body and mind. World health day is among the important days in April 2021.

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10h April- World Homeopathy Day

This day is observed to celebrate the birth of Dr Christian Freidrich Heinmann, who is considered the father of homeopathy.

13th April- Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

On this day in 1919, the colonial British troops fired on unarmed Indians in Amritsar, Punjab. This day is celebrated to remember these martyrs.

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14th April- BR Ambedkar Day

BR Ambedkar, an Indian politician and social activist, took birth on this day. The day is celebrated as a national holiday to remember his legacy.

17th April- World Hemophilia Day

It is celebrated each year to raise awareness about Hemophilia disease.

18th April- World Heritage Day

This is among the special days in April which is celebrated by UNESCO to raise awareness about the heritage sites of the world.

22nd April- World Earth Day

World earth day has been celebrated since 1970 to raise awareness about how to keep the earth healthy and habitable.

25th April- World Malaria Day

Since 2008, World Malaria Day has been celebrated to raise awareness about malaria and how to eradicate this disease from earth.

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24th April- World Veterinary Day

World veterinary day is celebrated on the last Saturday of April to make people aware of the important roles of veterinarians for society.

28th April- World safety and health at work

The ILO is celebrating this day to make labourers and workers aware of the safety needed at the workplace and safe workplace.

These are the important days in April 2020 that have national and international significance. Here is a small table for you-



Important Days


1st April

All fool’s day

2nd April

Good Friday

4th April


5th April

National maritime day

7th April

World health day

10th April

World homeopathy day

13th April

Jaliianwala bagh massacre

14th April

Ambedkar remembrance day

17th April

World hemophilia day

18th April

World heritage day

25th April

World malaria day

24th April

World veterinary day

28th April

World day for safety and health at work


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