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'Iron Man' Balloon Mistaken For A Flying 'alien'; Triggers Alarm At U.P's Bhatta Parsaul

People thought that the strange floating object in the sky was an alien. Greater Noida Police later confirmed that it was just an 'Iron Man'-shaped balloon.

Iron Man

Fear and anxiety gripped the residents of Uttar Pradesh's Bhatta Parsaul village as they woke up to the sight of a strange flying object in the sky. As the unidentified object made its way through the Dankaur area and then landed in a canal near Bhatta Parsaul village, many people followed the coloured object. According to the police, the floating object later turned out to be an 'Iron Man'-shaped balloon. 

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Uttar Pradesh: 'Iron Man' shaped balloon triggers panic 

SHO Anil Kumar Pandey said, "It was a balloon filled with air that had gone up in the sky and later came down and got stuck in the bushes along the canal. A part of the balloon was touching the flowing water in the canal which had led the balloon to shake a little. Unbeknown to the spectators, this made for an anxious watch."

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Due to its strange form and structure, some people thought that the strange object in the sky is an "alien". The anxiety that had gripped the bystanders in Dankaur subsided only after Greater Noida Police intervened and confirmed that the strange object is just an air-filled balloon in the shape of Marvel superhero 'Iron Man'. While speaking to PTI, Dabkaur Station House Officer (SHO) Anil Kumar Pandey said that it was just the balloon that had gone up and later came down and got stuck in the canal. 

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Pandey told PTI that as the balloon was shaped like Iron Man (fictional superhero character), it was an unusual sight to some people which is why they thought it was an alien. Another reason why the usual air-filled balloon turned into a spectacle was due to its unusual shape, he added. The ballon was finally taken out from the canal around noon. Police reports suggest that the balloon may have landed in the canal after losing gas. 

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