Pavan Varma Awaits Nitish Kumar's Reply, Says 'I Will Decide When To Leave The Party'


Janata Dal (United) National Spokesperson Pavan Varma on Friday while speaking to the Republic TV, demanded a reply from Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

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Janata Dal (United) National Spokesperson Pavan Varma on Friday while speaking to Republic TV, demanded a reply from Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He said, "First of all, my letter has reached to him on email on his official email ID. I had sent it to him even before I released it on my Twitter account. So, obviously the letter has reached him. It is for him to read it and respond to it. I expect him to do so in due course."

While speaking on quitting the party, the JD(U) leader said, "I will decide when to leave the party not when anyone suggests. I will decide very soon. It is the inherent right and freedom of anyone from any party to leave. And I will decide on my next steps politically in the days to come."

The JD(U) spokesperson further added, "I hope to receive a reply from Nitish Kumar on the fundamental and foundational issues I have raised which I believe are good for the country and good for the party. Depending on the reply, or the absence of the reply, I will decide my future action."

On not meeting Nitish Kumar in Patna

Speaking about his visit to Patna, he said, "It was an extremely short visit. My purpose was to deliver a lecture. I would not have been able to fit in the time to meet Nitish Kumar and discuss at length, which I would have been very happy to do. The letter was issued before my visit to Patna. So the question of substituting the meeting by the letter does not arrive."

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On JD(U) allegations

The party has made allegations against Varma over him not contributing anything towards the party. Speaking about it, Varma said, "I am not going to get into a 'tu-tu mein-mein' on this. My letter is to the national president Mr Nitish Kumar and I await the reply. Regarding my contribution to the party, I don't need certificates from anybody."

He added, "What I have done for Nitish Kumar and the party, including at the national stage is something that I am aware of. I don't need to get certificates from anybody. However, that is their freedom to make a comment."

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Nitish snubs the letter

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday snubbed national party spokesperson Pavan Varma, saying that his letter was absurd. Speaking to reporters in Patna, Nitish Kumar said that writing a letter and then releasing it in the media, is not the way to discuss matters. 

"If someone writes a letter, they send it, and then wait for a reply. What kind of letter has he written? What letter is this! That you e-mail a letter and then make it public by releasing it to the press. This is not the way to discuss matters," Bihar CM said. 

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Varma writes letter to Bihar CM

Questioning the JDU-BJP alliance for Delhi Assembly polls and seeking an ideological clarification from the Bihar CM, Varma wrote a letter to Nitish Kumar on Tuesday. In the letter, he stated that when allies like Akali Dal have distanced itself from BJP, then what was the need for JDU to ally with BJP for Delhi assembly polls? He also said that Kumar had expressed apprehension about Narendra Modi and his policies way before 2014 and had called for an 'RSS Mukt Bharat'. 

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