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'Whole Nation Knows Who's Honest & Who's Corrupt': Choudhary Fires Salvo At Rahul Gandhi

Kailash Choudhury stated that the government was working on holding talks with the farmers adding that no one could question the honesty of the NDA government.

Kailash Choudhary

Union MoS Agriculture Kailash Choudhary on Sunday took a dig at Congress MP Rahul Gandhi over his constant criticism of the Farm Laws, asking why he did not do something for the agrarian community during the grand old party's 60 years of rule. Urging him to 'introspect', the Union Minister remarked that the PM Modi-led government was working on holding talks with the farmers adding that no one could question the 'honesty' of the NDA Government. 

"Modi Ji's government is talking with farmers and 11 rounds of talks have been completed. Rahul Gandhi is worried about sleeping only. If he talks this much of farmers then why they didn't work for them in 60 years of their rule," questioned Kailash Choudhary. 

"They are just diverting their minds. He should self introspect. The whole nation is watching that who is corrupt and who is honest. Today, nobody can put a stain on the agriculture minister. In UPA times, daily there was news of corruption and scams only," he added. 

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Rahul misleads farmers over Farm Laws

Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi has on multiple occasions misled the farmers claiming that Mandis will shut down after the implementation of the Farm Laws despite the Centre's repeated clarifications assuring that the new reforms will not affect Mandis or the MSP system. Moreover, last week, while addressing a rally in his constituency, Gandhi hailed international pop-star Rihanna for questioning the Farm Laws in India.

Now diverging slightly from the farmers, Rahul Gandhi has been strongly advocating for the rights of the fisherman community who he calls 'farmers of the sea', demanding the formation of a Ministry of Fisheries, (which is already in existence) to address their grievances. The Congress leader's statements have been fact-checked by several BJP leaders on multiple occasions. India has a Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying with Union Minister Giriraj Singh at the helm of affairs. Rahul Gandhi however, has refused to backtrack on his comments claiming that fishermen had no representation, vowing to set up a Ministry for Fisheries for them instead.

Meanwhile, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar earlier this week said that the government is ready to resume talks with protesting farmers if they respond to its offer to put the three laws on hold for a one-and-a-half-year. He has also asserted that the PM Modi government was working towards doubling the farmers' income and strengthening the Indian agriculture sector.

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