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5 home decor ideas to turn your bathroom into a glam spa

Bathroom theme ideas including scented candles and a larger mirror that will glam up your bathroom into your favourite spa. Here are 5 ways for that.

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A spa is a place where you can go to relax and de-stress yourself. However, regular visits to spas can put a considerable hole in your pockets. However, what if there was a way to turn your bathroom into comfy spa? There are small tricks to achieve this feat. You can turn basic and regular activities into interesting ones by adding a hint of luxe in your bathroom space. Therefore, below we have penned five ways to glam up your washroom into your favourite spa:

Here are the best five ways to glam up your bathroom 

1. Neat and clean storage 

It is a well-known fact that the best place to keep your regular bathroom stuff is around the sink. However, the essentials should be kept in a neat and organized manner. You can purchase organizers or install a cabinet and racks. This will help you to display your shampoos and lotions without cluttering around the sink. 

2. Lighting 

Bathroom needs to be illuminated properly. You can increase wall lights or insert bulbs to provide perfect lighting without being too bright. You can also dim your lights according to your requirement. To add a spa-like effect, adorn your bathroom with a bulbs at the centre. But make sure that the height is not too low. 

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3. Add on more whites 

Using whites instead of other colours provides a rich feel to your bathroom. It enhances the personality of your relaxing space. Adding white walls, towels, bathrobes and other accessories to your bathroom give a touch of luxury. 

4. Aroma candles 

For positive energy, it is necessary to light scented candles at your home. But this also goes for your bathroom space. To feel rejuvenated and refreshed, bring on the rose, lavender, or orchid scented candles. Light them while having a long relaxing bath. You can also turn on soft music. 

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5. Larger mirror 

The mirror is also an important part of the bathroom set up. Moreover, adding a gorgeous frame to it makes a lot of difference. To give a grandeur touch to your bathroom, use a spare wall to insert a full-sized mirror. 

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