Best Books Of William Gibson, The Father Of Cyberpunk, You Should Read On His Birthday


William Gibson is known as the Father of Cyberpunk. As the world celebrates his birthday on March 17, here is a list of books by him that you can read.

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William Gibson belongs to the American-Canadian streamline of literature and fiction. The author has been called the Father of The Cyberpunk genre, which is a part of science fiction. According to, the writer has sold more than 6.5 million copies worldwide. As William Gibson's birthday will be celebrated on March 17, here is a list of must-read novels by him.

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Best of William Gibson's books


Neuromancer traces the story of Henry Dorsett Case, who is a skilled data-thief in the world of the Matrix. There is a business clan that has an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence orbiting Earth, which is Case's target. The protagonist takes up the journey with a dead man and a street-samurai. The book was first published in the year 2000 and can be called Gibson's 'claim to fame'.

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Burning Chrome

Burning Chrome is a collection of short stories by William Gibson. Gibson has even collaborated with authors like Bruce Sterling and Michael Swanwick to bring out story based on technology and computers. There are 10 stories available in this collection, dating from 1977 to 1985. 

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All Tomorrow's Parties

The book All Tomorrow's Parties was published in the year 1999. The book looks at Colin Laney, who has the ability to see the 'nodal points' in the data spread across the world. These are points in history that forever change society. The character then goes on to a journey of understanding all the past and the future nodal points of the world.

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Pattern Recognition

William Gibson's novel named Pattern Recognition was first published in the year 2003. This time, the protagonist is a girl named Cayce Pollard, who is an intuitive market-research consultant. She is on a secret assignment which is to investigate some snippets of videos that have come up on the internet. These then help her find the truth of her father's life and death.

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