The Coronavirus Outbreak Was Previously Predicted In These Pop-culture Properties


The Coronavirus outbreak is a global concern in current times but there have been various references to the virus in the past. Read below for more details.

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coronavirus outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak is evidently one of the biggest global concerns right now. The Coronavirus has affected over 92,000 people globally and is expected to grow with time. With various health governing bodies around the world advising people to take special care of their health, it is evident that the Coronavirus has sent a scare globally.

But amidst all the confusion and paranoia are also a few conspiracy theories doing rounds on the internet. Several people are pointing out various times in the past where a virus similar to the Coronavirus outbreak was referenced in pop culture. Read below to know some spine-chilling references to the Coronavirus Outbreak in pop-culture. 

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The Simpsons

The Simpsons is the longest-running animated series and has been notorious in actually predicting worldly events years ago. The Simpsons had showcased Donald Trump as the president of America in a year 2000 episode. Now, Twitter users have pointed out The Simpsons also predicted the Coronavirus outbreak in 1993. Check it out below - 

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Dean Koontz - The Eyes of Darkness

Besides The Simpsons, A novel written by Dean Koontz titled The Eyes of Darkness, which was first published in 1981, also described the Coronavirus as Wuhan-400. The Wuhan-400 was explained to be a bioweapon originating from China, designed to cause mass deaths without the need for expensive decontamination. Twitter users have highlighted parts of the Dean Koontz novel which talk about the Wuhan-400 virus. 

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The 2011 film Contagion featured Gweneth Paltrow and was helmed by director Steven Soderbergh. The film also featured a virus similar to the Coronavirus named MEV-1. The film also showcased the fears of misinformation during the age of technology. Check it out below - 

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