March 2020's Latest Books That Every Reader Has To Check Out


March 2020 is all set to launch some of the best books of 2020. Here is a list of latest books to read that will be launched in March, 2020.

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Book lovers all over the world were eagerly waiting for March. This month people all over the world will be treated with some of the best works by amazing authors. Here is a list of latest books to read in 2020.

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1. ‘Capital and Ideology,’ by Thomas Piketty

The book is a follow up to “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,”. It was Piketty's bestselling novel about economic inequality. This new book suggests that wealth disparity is linked to politics and other human institutions.

2. ‘The City We Became,’ by N.K. Jemisin

The book is a wonderful blend of fantasy, superheroes, hip-hop, and comics. The book is a thrilling read about five ordinary citizens. It follows their struggles to save the city.

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3. ‘Deacon King Kong,’ by James McBride

The novel is by the award-winning author of The Good Lord Bird. What makes it unique is it is difficult to categorise. It’s a crime story, a mystery and a darkly funny portrait of a community in revolt.

4. ‘The Exhibition of Persephone Q,’ by Jessi Jezewska Stevens

It is an interesting tale of a woman in search of the real meaning of identity. The film is set in the aftermath of 9/11. The film follows the story of a woman named Percy when her altered nude images are featured in an art exhibition’s catalogue.

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5. ‘The Glass Hotel,’ by Emily St. John Mandel

The film tells the story of Vincent who was once a bartender at a high-end hotel. After Vincent marries a wealthy man who runs a vast Ponzi scheme, the author surveys the wreckage in the wake of a disaster. It is a gripping story of what happens after the fraud collapses.

6. ‘Let the People Pick the President: The Case for Abolishing the Electoral College,’ by Jesse Wegman

The book is a deeply researched one and is very informative. The book is a timely argument in favour of abolishing the Electoral College. The book gets its content from the history and information from campaign workers.

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7. ‘The Mirror and the Light,’ by Hilary Mantel

This is the concluding book in Wolf Hall trilogy. It is about Thomas Cromwell who is a minister to Henry VIII. The book is set in 1536 and is a wonderful read to all the history lovers.

8. ‘Sharks in the Time of Saviors,’ by Kawai Strong Washburn 

It is a beautiful tale of emotions. A 9-year-old girl is tossed overboard on a family holiday. The sharks soon start circling her. Surprisingly they safely return the child to her parents.

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