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Twilight Series, 50 Shades Of Grey, And Other Books People Don't Admit Upon Reading

Twilight series has evidently been one of the most famous series which is stereotyped to be a teenage romance. Read below for more controversial titles.

twilight series

Indulging in books is a very subjective experience. Much like any other art form like cinema and music, novels also have various genres which attract the readers to them. While a young-adult could be seen reading The Fault In Our Stars, an adult might not find that story appealing.

Similarly, there are various novels which hold a certain stigma stuck to them. It is highly possible that one feels that they shouldn't admit to reading a certain novel because of the public image they hold. Here are a few books which people may have secretly read but hardly ever admit. 

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Twilight series

Though the Twilight series holds its own ground when reading as a standalone series, the films have till some extent dampened how it is looked at. By the American author Stephenie Meyer, the Twilight series is a vampire-themed fantasy romance which courses across four books.

Twilight is evidently a global phenomenon with over 120 million copies sold and being translated into over 35 languages. But, that does not evidently stop the general public from shying away off the overtly romantic theme of the novel series. 

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50 Shades Of Grey

The E.L James-written erotic romance novel 50 Shades Of Grey was a global hit when it came out. Though the book was one of the fastest-selling at the time it came around, it was also surrounded by a lot of negativity. Critics were calling a graphically sexual reading experience for anyone who reads it.

But this did not stop the book from selling over 125 million copies globally. The book is reportedly considered to be overtly raunchy and sexual which makes it difficult for people to admit to reading it. 

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Mills & Boon books

Mills & Boon books are known to build a romantic fantasy through their narratives. Having titles like A Case Of Heart Trouble and Winds Of Enchantment, Mills & Boon deliver over one hundred romance books. These books have also been criticised publically by many as misogynistic as they follow certain formulaic storytelling. 

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Sadistic Games by Lucian Bane

Author Lucian Bane's Sadistic Games is considered to be one of the most graphic and gripping tales about the story of a psychopath. The series was heavily criticised by critics for its gory nature of writing. Though the series of novels get consistently better with each addition, it still has a stigma of just being a graphic and violent series. 

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Wicked Bride Games by Clarissa Wild

Clarissa Wild's Wicked Bride Games faced a lot of negativity for its representation of women. The novel showcased its leading female character getting treated very harshly by the male lead. This also led to an uproar of women calling the book to be toxic and sexist. But this did not stop the book from becoming one of the highest-selling novels. 

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