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Being Dog Parent To A Foster Dog Can Be Challenging | 5 Signs That You're Ready To Do This

Dog Parent is someone who has accepted to be 'pawrfect'. Before owning a dog it is important to understand what requires to be a dog parent. So have a look.

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Fostering a dog can be one of the most amazing experiences of a person’s life as you take care of a dog who is in need of a dog parent while it waits to get adopted. Fostering a dog will also help an individual to understand whether they can be a good dog parent or not. However, there are some challenges which one may face when becoming a foster dog parent. This can be taking care of a dog who has been mentally and physically traumatised and this may also get reflected in their behaviour. So, before making a huge commitment to foster a dog, you need to make sure that you have basic knowledge of how to be a dog parent.

Say no to busy schedules

If you are a person who is looking forward to being a dog parent, you need to have a flexible working schedule. When people foster a dog, they probably need to keep a close check on the health of their dog and also need to make sure they are adjusting with the environment. A dog parent also needs to ensure that he takes his dog on regular walks and also works on his basic training. If you are making a decision to foster a dog who was physically traumatised and mentally pressured, you need to make sure you create a comfortable environment for them which eventually requires a lot of time. 


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Be emotionally prepared

When a person takes a decision to foster a dog, he or she needs to understand that one day the dog they have been taking care of has to go to it's forever home. You need to be emotionally prepared about this fact that you are not its permanent dog parent. If you are someone who gets emotionally attached easily, you should avoid the decision to adopt a foster dog. 

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Provide a necessary space

Dogs need a lot of room, and so if you're living in a tiny apartment, you might not want to foster a dog. Dogs need space to walk around, play and when it's a foster dog it is important for them to have an open space and a comfortable environment. A closed or tiny space may not be a perfect place to foster a dog. 

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Stand by your foster dog

When being a dog parent to a foster dog, one needs to ensure that they can stand for their dog. This includes finding a suitable home for them and also advocating people on how good your foster dog is. If you are someone who is shy and can't take the responsibility to stand by your dog, you should certainly avoid being a foster dog parent. 

You're patient and not easily spooked

Sometimes you'll foster dogs who are sweet, loving, and very well-behaved. Other times you'll foster dogs who are hard to take care of, full of energy, and not obedient. And sometimes foster dogs can even have a tendency towards violence or bad behavior. You need to be prepared for any of this.

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