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Here Are Some Benefits Of Oats To Keep Your Skin Glowing & Healthy; Check It Out

Beauty benefits of oats are in abundance, be it treating dry skin or lessening inflammation, oats can be a boon to people struggling from skin issues.

Beauty Benefits Of Oats

Oatmeal has evidently been one of the most important food items for people who swear by living a healthy lifestyle. Be it a sweet dessert after a meal or the meal in itself, oats can be consumed in various differed ways. The fibre and nutrition present in oats help people fight off various diseases like obesity, cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. But, oats can also be very beneficial for people looking to heal their skin from various issues like acne or dry skin. Check out some of the best beauty benefits of oats: 

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Oats have anti-oxidating properties which act as natural cleansers. Oats also contains Zinc which has proven to have anti-inflammatory benefits. All one needs to do to get the best out of their oats for acne treatment is to boil half a cup of oats in water and let it cool down.  Stir the mixture of oats and water to turn it into a fine paste. Apply this paste on your face and rinse it off after twenty minutes. 

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Dry Skin

Oats can act as a natural moisturiser and exfoliate the skin. One needs to add uncooked oats and baking soda to their bathing water. Various oats-based bathing products are also readily available in the market. This will help the skin to soak in anti-oxidants and heal the dry skin. 

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To ease down itching

Itching and irritation in the skin happens due to increased pH levels. Oats help in normalizing the pH levels of the skin and helps relieve itching. One can mix oats and talcum powder with some water to a fine paste. Apply the paste on irritated skin and let it stay for 15-20 minutes. Rinse of the applied paste with cold water. One can also use milk in place of water to get additional benefits. 

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Disclaimer - It is important to take your nutritionist/doctor's advice before following these steps. 

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