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Hair Hygiene Maintenance At Home Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Hair hygiene maintenance process has been listed below for people to maintain a hair care routine amid coronavirus lockdown. Read more for details.

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Due to the coronavirus lockdown, it is of utmost importance to maintain self-care and hygiene while at home. While most of us would head to the nearest salon to go for a haircut every once in a while, due to the lockdown, everyone is finding out ways to take care of their hair at home. Below listed are some hair care tips that can help you maintain hair hygiene amid the coronavirus lockdown. 

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Hair hygiene tips - Washing Hair

  • One of the most important hair hygiene tips is to not delay washing their hair during the coronavirus lockdown. If a designated day for hair care has been decided, make sure you abide by that and wash your hair. Feeling lazy and not washing the hair can lead to various other issues like an itchy scalp and weak hair roots. 
  • Another way to maintain hair hygiene is to make sure to remove all tangles in the hair before washing it as it can cause irritation and breakage.
  • Wet the hair thoroughly and take some shampoo in your palm and gently apply it on your scalp. 
  • Massage the scalp gently till a lather builds up. Remember to never use your nails while massaging the scalp as it can cause injuries. 
  • Rinse the hair thoroughly and use the shampoo for the second time if any greasiness in the hair is still there. 

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Drying Hair for maintaining Hair Hygiene

Drying the hair properly is also an important hair care tip. Being harsh on your hair by rubbing the towel on the scalp can cause damage. Use a soft towel to avoid touching the scalp with bare hands and gently pat-dry your hair. As hair dries out naturally, ensure that you are not touching the scalp and if touched, ensure that your hands were clean before doing so. As per reports, it is advised to wash the hair two days in a week to avoid getting greasy hair. 

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