How To Curl Hair With Straightener At Home During Quarantine Period?


Here are the tips and tricks one might use when learning how to curl hair at home with a hair straightener and not curling irons. Read on to know more.

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Who does not like a light wave or a little bounce in their hair? Many think that for this they have to have a curling iron. But that is not the case. Bouncy hair can also be achieved by using a flat iron although these will not look like ringlets. But for those who are eager to try this at home, here are the steps on how to curl hair with straightener:

Step 1: Have clean and dry hair 

For the first step on how to curl hair at home, it is important to have dry and clean hair before starting off. Damp hair will not hold the curls and the same goes for wet hair. If one decides to blow dry their hair, then adding a mousse is essential as it will prevent the hair from looking flat after being curled.

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Step 2: A flat-thin iron should be used

The straightener with which one will curl their hair should be one to two inches thick at least otherwise one would not get smooth and even curls. Flat, paddle-style irons will also not help to make bouncy curls. One must have the right kind of straightener to accomplish the job. 

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Step 3: Part the hair into sections

At first, one needs to apply heat protection spray on the hair. Then part the hair into sections of one to two inches. Tie up the other sections on top so as not to mess up the hair. Loop up one section of the hair around the straightener and hold it for a few seconds before pulling it down slowly. After one section is done, bring down another one and do the same. 

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Step 4: Curl it with your fingers

After all the sections are covered, one needs to curl it once again but using their fingers this time. It will give some additional volume to the hair. Finally, use a fixing spray. Use this generously as it is essential to hold the curls into place.


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