How To Disinfect Mattress As A COVID-19 Pandemic Precaution?


With the need to keep one's house clean and germ-free, here are some tips and tricks on how to disinfect a mattress as a part of COVID-19 pandemic precautions.

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how to disinfect a mattress

During the global Coronavirus outbreak, it is of utmost importance to keep one's house disinfected. One should keep in mind how to disinfect home surfaces and how to disinfect a mattress, in short, areas of the house which are usually not paid attention to so much. However, the mattress is one of the most used furniture in the house but something which escapes the mind when one makes an agenda to clean and disinfect their homes.

Not just for the Coronavirus infection, but the mattress is usually one of the home surfaces which collects a lot of dust without being detected. For people suffering from allergies or bronchial diseases, cleaning one's mattress is one of the most important steps. Here are the steps on how to disinfect a mattress and take appropriate COVID-19 pandemic precautions:

How to disinfect a mattress as a part of COVID-19 pandemic precautions?

One of the first pointers on how to disinfect a mattress is that it should be done on a warm and sunny day rather than a humid one. The sunlight helps the mattress dry faster and also helps naturally kill bacteria and germs with the UV rays. However, since going outside the house is a strict no-no right now, one can also clear some space in their house and clean the mattress on a wall against a sunny window. 

STEP 1:  Remove the dust

As the first step on how to disinfect a mattress one needs to get out the dust mites from it. To do this, one needs to use the crevice tool of a vacuum cleaner and go over the entire surface of the mattress. Once the surface dust is removed there are a number of other ways on how to disinfect a mattress.

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Step 2: How to disinfect a mattress with steam cleaning


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To disinfect a mattress, the first method that one can use is steam cleaning. One needs to use a garment or hand-held steamer and run it across the entire surface of the mattress. Make sure to cover every inch of the mattress surface using short bursts of steam. However, the constant use of short bursts of steam will end up making the mattress wet and hence, this should be avoided.

After the entire surface of it is covered, it is imperative to let the mattress dry completely before making it up or sleeping on it. For this one needs to ventilate the room or turn on the fan to speed up the process. If the mattress gets saturated with moisture it can lead to more mould or mildew infestations. 

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STEP 3: How to disinfect a mattress using Antibacterial Spray 


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Antibacterial sprays are another method to clean and disinfect home surfaces, especially mattresses. They remove harmful bacteria and also prevent further infestations. However, a precaution to take while choosing the antibacterial spray is that one must make sure it does not contain bleach as this will harm the mattress fibres. For a liquid cleaner, one needs to follow the instruction given and mix it with the proper amount of water as advised.

Before spraying with the antibacterial spray, one must make sure to remove as much dust as possible from the mattress surface. One must spray the solution lightly across the entire surface of the mattress - top, bottom and sides. After this, take a rag dipped in warm water and wipe all the surfaces of the mattress. Make sure to dry the mattress completely before sleeping on it. 

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STEP 4: How to disinfect a mattress using vodka


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Alcohol has been stressed as an object which kills the Coronavirus. As one of the important COVID-19 pandemic precautions, one can use Vodka to disinfect the mattresses. All kinds of vodkas are perfect for this and work the same when it comes to sanitizing against germs and viruses. To clean the mattress using vodka, one must make sure it is vacuumed for dust particles. Pour vodka into a spraying bottle and spray it lightly across the entire surface of the mattress covering every nook and cranny. Make sure not to soak the mattress with vodka. Once the entire surface is covered, allow it to dry completely before using it. 

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STEP 5: How to disinfect a mattress using an Ultraviolet Light


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For those, suffering from intense allergies and need to keep the mattresses extra-clean apart from the threat of Coronavirus infection, UV light is a potent method. The UV light is known to break apart the DNA of a germ not only stopping it from reproducing but also killing it. Run the UV light along the entire surface of the mattress covering every inch of it. This will effectively kill germs and viruses. 

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