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Chhinnamasta Jayanti 2020: Know About The History, Significance, And Celebrations

Chhinnamasta Jayanti 2020 will be celebrated on Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi of Baisakh month. Keep reading to know about the history and significance.

Chhinnamasta Jayanti 2020

Chhinnamasta Jayanti or Mata Chhinamastika Jayanti is celebrated on Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi of Baisakh month. The Devi is considered to be the sixth goddess out of the ten most worshipped goddesses. On this auspicious day, the place of worship is decorated with colourful lights and flowers. Mantras are recited at many places and temples of Mata Chhinamastika. Several ancient religious texts such as Markandeya Purana and Shiva Purana explain this form of Mata Chhinamastika. According to the Puranas and religious texts, the goddess transformed into Chandi to kill the demons. Keep reading to know more about its history, significance, celebration and much more.

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Maa Chhinnamasta origin story

Once Devi Bhavani was taking a bath in the Mandakini river and had two aides with her. These aides felt hungry while taking a bath and asked Devi for some food. Devi Bhavani asked them to wait but they kept insisting. The aides suddenly said that a mother provides her children with unlimited food. On listening to this, Devi Bhavani cut her head which fell in her left hand and three streams of blood came out of her head. Two of these streams were consumed by the aides and third was consumed by Devi. Since then, she is known as Mata Chhinamastika.

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What is the significance of Chhinnamasta Jayanti?

As per Hindu mythology, Devi Chhinnamasta is a unique incarnation of Goddess Kali. She is regarded as a life taker as well as a life giver. It is believed that the devotees who worship Devi Chhinnamasta get rid of all their difficulties. It is said that by worshipping Mata Chhinnamasta, there is an increase in the spiritual and social energy of the devotees.

What are the rituals for Chhinnamasta Jayanti?

  • Devotees take an early morning holy bath and then dress up in clean clothes.
  • People observe a strict fast on this auspicious day of Chhinnamasta Jayanti.
  • To worship Goddess Chhinnamasta on this day, devotees place the idol of the deity on the altar.
  • Later, they light incense sticks and a diya to start with the rituals or puja.
  • Usually, all Chhinnamasta temples also have the idol of Lord Shiva placed nearby and hence devotees also worship and offer prayers to both of them.
  • Devotees also perform several acts of donations and charities on this day.

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How Chhinnamasta Jayanti is celebrated?

On this auspicious day, Mata’s place of worship is decorated beautifully. Also, Durga Saptashati Puja is organised on this day and many devotees take part in Chhinnamasta Puja. Food is also offered to devotees and it is believed that every wish of devotees is fulfilled after they perform the puja. A special puja is also organised in Mata’s temple for peace and mankind on this day.

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