Halloween: Decor Ideas For Your House Themed On The Spooky Season


Halloween is almost here and is one of the days most people wait for. Read ahead to know some decor ideas for the house for this scary season this time

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When you think of Halloween, candy and costumes are usually the first things that come to mind. But, just like it’s the only time of the year when you can dress spooky, it is also the best time you get to decorate your house in a scary manner. Sure you can lean on store-bought décor but do you really want to have something someone else might have too? With these easy DIY Halloween decorations, you can ensure that every inch of your house looks unique and perfect for Halloween. Read more-

Halloween Decor Ideas

Boo Bottles

Reach-out to your recycling bin for making these glass ghosts in easy steps. First, remove the labels and caps from the bottles. Then spray-paint them white and draw scary faces on it with a black marker. To finish this Halloween decoration, throw in colourful straws for cute centrepieces.

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Vampire Napkin Rings

One of the best Halloween decors are vampire napkin rings. 

The graphics in today’s generation has made things very easy. It makes Halloween decorations easier with the free printable and simple techniques to transfer the images directly onto fabrics using your regular printer. Wooden embroidery hoops can be bought from any craft store. If fabric hangings aren’t your thing, pop images into frames and hang them up around the house.

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Ghostly Lanterns

This Halloween decoration is very cheap and cheerful. In order to make this, draw spooky faces on empty, clean gallon milk jugs. Then, fill them with white holiday lights to decorate your porch or walkway with a ghostly Halloween glow. They are one of the easiest Halloween decorations.

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Forever Pumpkins

Forever pumpkins look like jack-o-lantern and even last past Halloween. To make this, cover clean and empty jars with orange construction paper or tissue paper. Add additional features with black construction paper. Then pop in a tea candle- with flames or battery-operated, and watch your pumpkin glow.

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