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Hilarious Propose Day Memes On Twitter You Must Check Out Right Away

Valentine's week is upon us and today is propose day. Take a look at some of the best propose day memes and Valentine's day memes shared by Twitter users.

propose day

Valentine's week is upon us. As most couples and would-be couples celebrate the week of love, people who are single often take to Twitter to share some funny propose day memes to keep themselves entertained. Take a look at some of the best propose day memes shared by Twitter users.

Propose Day and Valentines Day memes

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propose day

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propose day
propose day


propose day

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Propose Day 2021 

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Valentine's week is all about expressing your feelings to your romantic interest or your partners. If you've been holding on to your feelings, this may be the time to express them. Single people, if you have feelings for someone, use this day to tell them how you feel. Aside from the memes if you want to share your feelings with loved ones, you can use the following quotes to do so. 

  • I was looking for a meaning in life and then god presented you before me. And I realized where I truly belong! Happy propose day!
  • My love, you made every second of my life beautiful. Will you hold my hand forever?
  • There isn’t a second I don’t think about you. I love you so much. Will you be mine?
  • I don’t know the exact words to describe my feelings for you. All I want is to hold your hands before I start my journey of life! Happy propose day!
  • I know forever is a long time, but I want to spend my whole life with you, love.
  • I don’t know how to propose, but I want to be with you forever, my love.
  • On this special day, I want to ask you Will you marry me?
  • This world of mine would be so painful and lifeless if you were not with me. Today, I’m begging you to be mine forever. Happy propose day to you!
  • Darling, I can’t wait to hold your hand and whisper in your ears the magical words you’ve been waiting to hear. Today, all my love is for you only!
  • I want to take you to a land where nothing but love exists. I want to hold your hand today and touch your heart. Happy propose day!
  • You’re the only person I want to be with today, tomorrow, and forever. I want you with every bit of my heart! Please be mine forever!
  • When I first saw you, something from my heart told me you were the one I had been waiting for. Happy propose day to the sweetest person ever!
  • I can bring the world to your feet if you want. I can move a mountain if you love. I promise to be with you forever and ever!

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