5 Cucumber Recipes To Try And Include The Healthy Vegetable In Your Meal


Cucumber is often used as a side vegetable in a salad. However, this vegetable can be used in many different ways for making some delicious dishes. Read here.

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Cucumbers are most likely to be used in salads or in pickles, however, this vegetable can be used in various creative forms for creating a mouth-watering delicacy. Cucumbers may not have a ton of flavours, but they're full of nutrients like potassium and vitamin C. Cucumber has a high amount of water content that is why doctors advise consuming cucumber more in summers. However, cucumbers can also be consumed in winters by making a bowl of healthy cucumber soup. Here are ways to include cucumber in your diet.

Cucumber cheesecake

Cheesecake made with a combination of some unique flavours of cheese, garlic, hung curd and grated cucumber would be a perfect way to end your meal as this cake is extremely refreshing and tasty.

Chilled cucumber and prawn soup

A delightful combination of prawns and cucumber is served as a wholesome soup. With just a handful of ingredients and easy to make procedure, prawns and cucumber soup can be made in just twenty minutes which would satisfy your hunger quickly, without creating a mess.

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It is a perfect blend of cucumbers and other garden-fresh vegetables with subtle, aromatic Malabar spices. Pulissery is a classic, traditional preparation from Kerala.

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Cucumber fritters

It is one of the perfect snacks in winter. Cucumber slices are coated in spicy batter and deep-fried to golden perfection. Fritters are one of the most loved snacks in North India. They are made with various ingredients like onion and potato.

Kapa Maki

Kapa Maki is a perfect option for vegetarian sushi lovers. Kapa Maki is made with Japanese rice rolled in roasted seaweed along with cucumbers, wasabi, marinated ginger and soy sauce.

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Malabar cucumber with peanuts

It is an interesting dip made with the help of fresh cucumbers, peanuts, white vinegar, fennel seeds, cumin, peppercorns and other aromatic spices.

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