5 Most Delicious Assamese Dishes To Treat Your Tastebuds


Assamese dishes are very unique and are loaded with several kinds of flavours. Here are some of the most delicious Assamese dishes you must have. Check out.

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Assamese dishes

Assamese cuisine is loaded with several unique flavours. People from this region of the country savours bamboo shoot alongside pork, which is rarely known in the other parts of India. From Khaar to Duck Meat Curry, we have penned down some of the must-eat dishes from the Assamese cuisine whenever you visit the state:

1. Khaar

Prepared with raw papaya, pulses, taro and a non-vegetarian ingredient, this flavoursome curry is quite common in Assam. Traditionally, Khaar is filtered using dried banana leaves. It gives the delicacy a fresh and amazing taste. Usually, this curry is served with rice as a wholesome meal for lunch or dinner.

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2. Aaloo Pitika

This delicacy is served as a side dish with meals. Aaloo Pitika is usually accompanied with rice and dal. They are mashed potatoes prepared with mustard oil, onions, coriander and salt. Filled with the aroma of mustard oil and crisp onion, this side dish can be savoured during lunch and dinner with any meal. Aaloo Pitika is humble and accentuates the taste of even the simplest of the meal.

3. Ou Khatta 

Brimming with tangy flavours, Ou Khatta is a sweet and sour chutney prepared with elephant apple. This tasteful dish has tongue-tickling tanginess of elephant apple and sweetness of jaggery. Initially, elephant apple is boiled and slightly mashed. Then it is sautéed with a small amount of mustard oil. Later on, jaggery is added to the almost-prepared chutney. This compliments every kind of meal by elevating the food experience. 

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4. Duck meat curry

This is one of the most loved delicacies in Assam. Duck Meat Curry is eaten with Ash Gourd. Assamese add their twists to the flavours of this scrumptious dish. Some cook it with lentils, pumpkins or sesame as per their taste. This dish is slowly cooked to perfection and becomes soft to give a heavenly taste. Loaded with unique flavours, Duck Meat Curry is prepared on celebrations or special occasions.

5. Maasor Tenga

In this Assamese dish, fish is slow-cooked in a broth made up of tomato, lemon and elephant ear. This melt-in-mouth Maasor Tenga has a tangy and rich flavour to tickle your tastebuds. It is one of the best Assamese dishes that you must try.

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