French Cuisine Ingredients That You Can Find In Every French Home!


Take a look at traditional French cuisine ingredients that could be easily found in any French homes and often plays an important role in the cuisine.

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french cuisine ingredients

French cuisine is not just about wine and cheese, but it is about much more complicated ingredients. France’s ingredients have in fact inspired many culinary trends for hundreds of years. Here are some ingredients that you will find in a French kitchen and are a popular choice when French cuisine is considered. Even though the French recipes vary according to the regions, there are some similar ingredients that you can find throughout the country.

French cuisine ingredients

Olive oil

Olive oil is used in many French dishes, starting from the various vinaigrette, dressing for salad recipes or just for making some quick dips as well.

Dijon mustard

 It is a mustard paste that has a smooth mild flavour of mustard with a hint of vinegar. It tastes a bit spicy and is used for various purposes, starting from thickening a vinaigrette, or just to thicken a marinade.

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It is another common ingredient that one may find in French cuisine. The truffle flavour is used very widely in many French recipes. Truffle oil, for instance, is a major component in French recipes. Truffles are a type of mushrooms and they are used to flavour various dishes due to their unique flavour.

Crème Fraiche

It refers to the heavy cream which is made by mixing it with buttermilk. The creme fraiche is widely used for various recipes be it soups, bakery goods, madeleines, macaroons and many dishes. It can be even used directly on top of a fruit salad as a topping.

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Herbes de Provence 

The term simply refers to the selected variety of herbs that are widely used in many French dishes including oregano, rosemary, thyme, tarragon and other commonly used herbs. These herbs are used to season savoury vegetable dishes.


Wine is also a common ingredient that is used in the preparation of French dishes. Red and white wines are often used to simmer meats in various recipes.

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