Bohri Cuisine: Make The Most Loved 'Dal Chawal Palida' At Home


Bohri Dal Chawal Palida is a very popular dish and is on the healthier side too. Here is a quick recipe to making this famous recipe at home in simple steps.

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Bohri Cuisine

Indian cuisine offers plenty of most varied options. Indian food is a perfect blend of various cultures and traditions. From delectable North Indian dishes to delicious South Indian food, India is home to diversified food options. The Indian culinary basket of options also includes the Bohri cuisine. Bohris are widely popular with the variety of dishes they offer. One such dish from the Bohri cuisine is Dal Chawal Palida. It is a go-to dish prepared and served during most of the Bohri events and occasions. Here is a quick guide to making to this famous recipe at home.

How to make Dal Chawal Palida at home

Ingredients for Palida

You will require tur dal, cumin seeds, ginger and garlic, finely chopped. For thickening the gravy, you will need gram flour. Furthermore, some chopped onions, tomatoes, kokum, drumsticks will be needed too. You can also add bottle gourd pieces to it.

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Ingredients for Dal Chawal:

You can use the leftover tur dal from the Palida, basmati rice, onions and spices. You can also add potatoes, tomatoes and some capsicum to your rice. Layer the rice with lots of ghee.

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For palida, begin with preparing the dal in a big pan. Add sufficient amount of water, salt and turmeric to your dal. Make sure that the dal does not get overcooked.  Once done, strain the dal and keep the water for further use. Now in another pan, begin with the tempering.  Saute your onions in ghee till they are golden brown in colour. Then add cumin seeds, red chilly powder, turmeric powder and gram flour. Stir properly till the gram flour is properly roasted and then go on to add the onions and tomatoes. Quickly pour in the water of the dal and keep stirring continuously so that there are no lumps. Add some kokum, drumsticks and let the palida cook on slow flame till the drumsticks are cooked. Add salt accordingly.

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 Dal Chawal

Take your dal and layer in on the base of your pan. Now do a little tempering by sauteing some onions, tomatoes, bay leaves, cumin seeds and cloves. Once done, add this to the top of your dal. Then pour hot ghee on it. You can also add some capsicums, cinnamon sticks to the hot ghee. Now layer your rice on top of it and cover the lid. Let all the layers blend in perfectly for the perfect taste. Garnish with some fried onions.

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