Dark Chocolate Vs Milk Chocolate: Benefits You Must Be Aware Of Before Consuming It


Dark chocolate vs milk chocolate health benefits, the difference between the two and most importantly which one should be your pick. Read on to know more.

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dark chocolate vs milk chocolate

Chocolates are known to be everyone's favourite sweet. It is something that is consumed and loved by all. Be it a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Diwali, for some chocolates are a staple on every occasion. Some love chocolates to the extent that it becomes a part of their daily diet. Even if it's just a small piece, it is still compulsory for them to consume chocolate. But then, there are a few people who love chocolates but cannot consume it because it is full of sugar which is not good for health in multiple ways. And hence, such people resort to eating dark chocolates.

Generally, dark chocolates are good but one needs to have a taste for them. Dark chocolates are also ultra-rich superfoods which have been shown to reduce inflammation, improve memory, increase mood and boost heart health. Most of the people also compare dark chocolate with vs chocolate depending on their inclination towards the respective chocolate types. If you are someone who prefers to have milk chocolate over the dark chocolate and vice versa, then know the difference of dark chocolate vs milk chocolate.

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Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate

When it comes to chocolate, the more it is cooked, the more it loses its qualities. Chocolate benefits come from flavonols, which has antioxidant effects along with a bitter taste. But when the chocolate is fermented and roasted the chocolate's major bitter taste goes away. And since dark chocolate contains a total of 35 per cent of cocoa, and milk has only 10 per cent of cocoa, which makes the former a better health option. Dark chocolate is not only good for the heart but is rich in cocoa, it's also considered a good option for weight loss.

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Health benefits of dark chocolate vs milk chocolate

Dark chocolate is considered to be a healthier option in comparison to milk chocolate. It is so because many dark varieties even have 100 per cent cocoa. The easy way to recognise healthy chocolate is by its taste- the bitter, the healthier. It also proves that milk chocolate is loaded with sugar to make it taste sweet. Dark chocolate has minerals like magnesium, zinc and iron.

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Which one should be your pick

When it comes to buying chocolates, make sure that you read the content behind the pack before purchasing the chocolate. Buy something which contains at least 70 per cent cocoa, low natural sugar content and no dairy. So if you can get the best dark chocolate, you will have all the reasons to eat a piece or two every day, after all, it is considered healthy.

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