Hangover After A Late-night Party? These Home Remedies Can Help


Parties are great but hangovers after-parties take you really down and give you a headache. Here are a few ways to get rid of a hangover at home. Read on.

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Ever had trouble with hangovers and severe headaches after a late-night party? Here are some ways by which you can cure your hangover at home-

How to cure hangover at home?


According to The Healthy, low potassium levels leave you feeling sluggish and can cause muscle cramps and pain. Bananas are filled with potassium and can thus help replace the minerals and electrolytes your body has lost while drinking. In fact, bananas are part of the prescribed BRAT diet for nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea. According to Realbuzz, bananas are natural antacids, and hence they are good for reducing stomach acid, and as a good source of energy. If you have a lot to do with your day and can't really afford to be held back by a hangover, bananas can power you up.

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Limes are one of the best picks for a hangover. If you are hungover and have no tablet to get rid of it, you have another easy way to resolve the problem. Just squeeze one lime and have it directly or add a little honey and a pint of water to the lime juice. This juice will make you feel alright in less than an hour.

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Hydrate yourself

Alcohol dehydrates your body fluid. Hence, the more water you consume, the more fluid you replace. Although nursing a bottle of water will definitely help the hangover, the next morning, this approach is better used as a form of prevention. 

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Curd is one of the best ways to cure a hangover, particularly if you have been throwing up. While the rice forms a comfortable cushion, the curd will give you some relief from all the acidity. According to health report, there is plenty of vitamin B, Magnesium and iron in a curd-rice to cure a terrible hangover 

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